how to recover from google penalty

How to Recover From Google Penalty Permanently


For the majority of the online businesses, the search engine traffic turns highly important. However, achieving high ratings in Google isn’t an easy task as it once was. Hence, many marketers and SEOs are forcing the link-building technique to the limit. Due to this, numerous websites are getting penalized for being disrespectful towards the guidelines of Google.

If Matt Cutts is to be believed then more than 400,000 manual actions get initiated by Google every month. And this isn’t enough as many other sites do get penalized by algorithm updates, like Panda and Penguin. The interesting fact is only 20,000 webmasters do submit a reconsideration request each month. By this, it is meant, that only 5 percent of the sites that have got penalized are attempting to recover their ratings.

The Reasons for Google Penalty

If by chance, you witness a drop in traffic then you will have to discover the reason behind it. There are a couple of vital penalties that you can get. The very first one is considered the manual action and the second one is considered an algorithmic penalty.

1. Manual Action

For finding out if your site has been penalized through manual action, you must visit Google Webmaster Tools for checking whether or not you have got new notifications. When you discover no warning messages then you must dig deeper to discover the reason behind the drop in traffic.


2. Algorithmic Penalty

For identifying the kind of algorithmic penalty that your website has, you require correlating the time period of losing traffic along with the date when a novice algorithmic update happened. For checking this, you must go through Google Algorithm Change History. The well-known algorithmic updates are considered Panda that is concentrated on the quality of content. On the other hand, Penguin is concentrated on anchor text distribution and backlinks.

The Process on How to Recover from Google Penalty

No matter you are referring to a manual penalty or algorithmic penalty, you need to analyze the backlinks of your website and recognize the ones which forced your rankings to drop. When you can recognize the links, you can attempt to remove them and disown the ones which you can’t delete. However, without any further commotion, you must follow the following steps:

To begin with, you must visit Google Webmaster Tools for downloading the backlinks that are recognized by Google. Click on the option “Search Traffic” and choose “links to your site”.


When you wish to recover from Google Penguin penalty, you will require analyzing the anchor text distribution of the website. You must go to Monitor Backlinks (click here for full review) to create an account. It notifies you via email if any new backlink is discovered and if there’s a change in anchor on the old one. When you are done with the signup, you must click the backlinks report tab given on the topmost portion of the page to enter the domain of your site.

Here, click the overview tab beside scrolling to the bottom portion of the page for discovering the anchor text distribution of your website.

You wish to notice a natural distribution which comprises anchor text with brand name keywords, targeted keyword variations, natural variations, and naked URLs. When the anchor text distribution of your site comprises only the precise match keywords then the probability is you have been touched by Penguin.

For recognizing the foundation of the anchor text, you must click on the tab ‘backlinks’ given on the left side and this will provide you with a list containing all the referring domains with inbound anchor text from those domains. If you discover that you have got a huge number of low quality and unrelated sites connecting to the domain then this could trigger Penguin.

After this, you must reach out to the mentioning websites to request them to remove the backlink. Additionally, you ought to make a list of the websites which don’t respond before submitting them to the disavow tool of Google. If every backlink of yours do point to the home page, then this will look unusual to Google. You must focus on the building links on your site for developing a sturdy internal link structure which will distribute the page ranking all through the site.

2. Recovering from Google Penalty

The penalty from Google marks low-quality websites with on-page problems, like not sufficient content, too many advertisements, poor site speed, duplicate content, and weak navigation structure.

For this, the first step that you require taking is checking whether or not your website has got low quality or duplicate pages. For this, you must log on to Google Webmaster tools and click on ‘search appearance’ before ‘HTML improvements’.

From here, you will be able to check if you have got duplicate pages or titles. If you discover such pages, then you must either no-follow or delete them. Additionally, you can position a canonical URL for the purpose of identifying the vital page.

Also, you may extract the negative or low-quality backlinks from the Monitor Backlinks tool to decrease your chances of getting hit by a penalty.

Siteliner: It is a free service which permits you to recognize on-page issues fast, like broken links, page power, and duplicate content. Siteliner will also provide you with a percentage score for the likeness of on-page content all through your website. You can go to this website to enter your domain.

Screaming Frog: Screaming Frog is another excellent free tool which will recognize on-page errors and duplicate content. You can visit Screaming Frog site for downloading the free software. You can open the software for entering the website’s domain URL. Click the on-page content that you want to examine and choose the duplicate choice from the drop-down. Doing this will provide you with the headings, duplicate titles, and descriptions to recognize the error response code, like 404’s.

Indexation Discrepancies: You might wish to check the numbers of pages that are being indexed. Check if Google has got more indexed pages that you wished for. Go to “Google Index’ If you have got more pages indexed compared to your sitemap then it could be a URL duplication or navigation problem. You must check if one of the pages is duplicating caused by lively URLs that is being generated by website search. You can make a list containing duplicate content before performing one of the functions like:

  • Delete the content
  • No-index follow
  • 301 redirect
  • Canonical URL


While there are many paid tools you may opt for when you encounter a Google penalty, I recommend using Monitor Backlinks due to its easiness and efficient nature. Further, if you are struggling on how to recover from Google Penalty, let us help you with your needs. Feel free to reach out to us with your requirements.

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