Starting a consulting business

How to Become a Confident, In-Demand Consultant, Freelancer, or Coach


Starting a Consulting Business? Consulting is a great way to enter the entrepreneurship world and to make money according to your own terms and you do not have to use anything other than your skills. Whether you are a consultant, or a freelancer or a designer, writer, or a marketer and you have to build your own business. You have to bring in new clients, also, take your business to a higher level and when you make money through the billable hours you can truly scale your consultancy.

It is projected that the freelancers shall dominate the workforce by the year 2020 and with tough competition, you should find out cleverer ways of building a name for yourself and bring in more projects. The following consulting tips would help you increase your business:

1. Build Your Portfolio

Firstly, you should build a portfolio and make sure that the potential clients and employers can access it online. Definitely, you require to find out the projects to start with so that you can include them in your portfolio. Once you get four or five projects, you make your online portfolio quite engaging and highlight your skills and role involved in every project.

You can include great case studies because this will really help you. Link your portfolio to the LinkedIn profile also.

2. Refine Your Skills

Keep yourself updated and you should remain ahead of the present industry qualifications. You should undergo the regular learning and training programs, you should take the online courses and complete certifications. Several certification courses are there that work great for the freelancers. Many certification and training programs are serving the contract workers and the freelancers in a much better way.

The courses as well as the certifications help in enhancing your capabilities and knowledge in the related field and can show the clients that you are qualified enough to invest continuously in your trade or business.

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3. Market Yourself

When you work as a freelancer or a consultant you are your individual brand and therefore it is important for you to shape and decide your brand image. Create a brand image that you wish to convey to the world and also to your prospective clients. In the online portfolio, you should be recognizable in the industry and viewed as an acknowledgeable leader. You can attain this via guest blogging, blogging, posting on LinkedIn, and also being active on the social media.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used by the freelancers. This platform is worth investing and also good for devising a great strategy which of the social media tools can work best for you. This way you can really create a wide network and target the marketing campaigns. Offline marketing is as important as online networking.

Meet the industry professionals and leaders you want to connect with and also with the prospective clients and partners. Face-to-face communication always works so try to take advantage of this potential.

4. Begin With a Low Rate

As the marketplace is a highly competitive one so offer the work initially for a low rate to get your foothold. However, to find the contracts and the projects on whom you really want to work you need to research well and find out the attractive package for the clients. If you can position yourself well, competition will not affect you much.


Availing the support of the professional contacts and using the free online resources such as social media sites and the freelance platform you can become an in-demand and confident freelancer, coach, or consultant. When you the follow the above-mentioned consulting tips, you can definitely get a bright future regardless of how competitive the market remains.


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