how to stay motivated in worst situations

How You Can Remain Highly Motivated Even In The Worst Situations


According to research, almost 92% of people drop there new years resolution just after a month!

Most of the time, this happens because of a lack of motivation. Yes, when you can’t concentrate on a particular thing or task that you are performing, you tend to drop it after a period of time before completion of it. And when you leave a task in between it can very quickly turn into demotivation! You tend to feel lazy, disinterested, and everything around you starts feeling negative, no matter how positive that particular subject becomes. You will always see the negative side of that particular task! A famous writer once said,

It Always Seems Impossible Until its Done!

So, start doing it! You will always see a particular task as impossible task until and unless you start doing it. Until & Unless you starting implementing it & try to infuse it into your daily lifestyle as a habit, there’s no chance that you can achieve that particular task.


You have to take 100% accountability for your tasks, this is your work and you will be responsible for completion. So get up, go to the gym, complete that office task and eat healthily! You are the in charge of your life, not someone else!

Let’s check some habits which you should follow in order to stay motivated:

1. Make Your Bed Every Single Day

The first task you do defines your whole day. Statistics say that successful people make their bed every day! Even if you are getting late, make this your habit and you will see the change in your attitude. When you have completed the first task of the day you will have a positive feeling about the rest of the tasks that will take place in your day!

2. Limit Your Phone’s Usage

One of the most challenging task people will face is limiting the usage of your phone, especially these days. Instead, prefer reading. Try not to use your phone before going to bed and after waking up, this can really mess with your sleep schedule which leads to wastage of time. Hence, DEMOTIVATED attitude lined up for the next day!

3. Listen Positive, Stay Focused!

There are millions of motivational speakers whom you could listen on YouTube or in real life or read about them in books, take some time out of your schedule and listen or read what they have to say.

Understand the points they make and how they deal with issues in their life. How they stay motivated and the way they speak will leave a really huge impact on your mindset, which will keep you positive and motivated. You will learn something new every day!

4. Make a To-do List

Every night before you go to bed try to make a set of tasks that you will be performing the next day. This will help you to have a clear vision for your next day and will give you an aim that this much work should be completed by the allotted time tomorrow.

5. Stay Compassionate Towards Yourself

Love yourself, take care of your body because you will never regret that. Do proper workout every day, and eat healthily. When you do this, you tend to feel positive about yourself which helps in staying motivated and focused on your tasks. These tasks might sound a little difficult to do every day but if performed, they are promising.

6. Believe in Yourself

Feel positive about yourself, whatever you are doing in your life just write every task down, you will feel motivated once you have the written fact of completion of the task. You will have a positive feeling about that.

Be it your daily office/work task, your eating habits, your weight moderations,… anything! Just write it down and believe that you can do it! NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF!

Change is difficult but beneficial, there is no way that you will stay motivated if you will not change your attitude towards life. There might come some issues in choosing this path but all you have to do is stay consistent!

Your Life Doesn’t Get Better By Chance, It Gets Better By Change!

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