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How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Your Brand


Artificial Intelligence or AI, is the creation of an intelligent machine that can act and behave like a human being. It is predicted that in the next 5 years, AI will rule the world. AI in marketing will play a major role in branding a product or service. Marketers need to learn how to use Artificial Intelligence in marketing to promote their brand. Here’s what I know,

How Can Marketers Use AI in Marketing & Advertising?

There are various forms that a marketer can apply to promote their brand.  Artificial Intelligence and Marketing can help the marketer to invade new spaces to advertise their brand and create a unique experience for their customers. Let’s check out how it can become possible:

1. Using Chatbot:

A Chatbot is the type of computer programming with the help of which you can have a conversation through auditory or textual methods. It can be the real game-changer in promoting one’s brand, and of course, if used in effective ways can reduce your sales management effort to a great extent. Facebook has come up with chatbot technology and everybody can use it, also a Chatbot can serve as a major marketing tool as it can constantly interact with the customers and can remind the customer about your product or services. So, it’s high time to use the facility of Chatbot for all marketers before it becomes too late.

2. Allowing AI to handle CRM:

Every company takes a lot of effort into managing their relationship and interactions with their potential customers. This is what is called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and is a very vital marketing strategy for creating and preserving a good bond with the customers. AI has now become so advanced that it can handle all the basic customer queries and manage other CRM queries properly. So, it’s now the high time to let AI handle your CRM and better focus on other things that can benefit your company.

3. Optimizing SEO for Voice:

Today SEO is one of the best and effective marketing strategies. But in the near future search will happen through voice and companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. have seen a massive rise in the voice search in the last few years. So, as a marketer, it is very important that you restructure all your SEO effort so that whenever any person searches your product or service through voice search, the search engine shows up your product or services. There is a difference between the way we type and speak for searching something online in the search engine.

SEO effort should be customized in such a way that it supports both the textual and voice-based searching. In the near future it will be very important for all the marketers to focus on SEO for voice so that when the customer searches about your products or services through voice in the search engine, it can show up all the relevant searches. Otherwise, all your SEO effort will go in vain.

4. Using AI in Marketing Your Email Content:

It is essential for marketers to send personalized emails to all their potential customers, but it is a very difficult task and is almost impossible. The use of artificial intelligence in marketing can overcome this problem. AI can help the marketing team to analyze customer’s topic of interest, their reading patterns and their best time to read emails, by analyzing the previous emails of the customers.

Once it is known when the customer or audience is free to read an email, the marketer can target them in a better way and can deliver an email at the right time. Not only that, the use of the AI-powered tool can also help the marketer to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the email content. This, in turn, can pay back the marketer in high-quality leads or win more deals.

5. Using the Internet of Things:

Internet of Things (IoT) is another revolutionary technology that enables all the physical objects like vehicles, home appliances, etc. to connect to the Internet and exchange data in between them. IoT is largely powered by AI and it can create a huge impact in promoting the brand of the marketer. It can provide a delightful experience to potential customers. So, it’s high time to surprise the audience and customers by branding your products or services with the help of IoT-enabled products.

All the above-mentioned methods are very vital marketing strategies that a marketer can use to promote their brand. All the big companies have started to use AI in marketing to make effective strategies for themselves. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is going to be the absolute truth of future marketing. So, it’s high time for the marketers to introduce AI in the current strategy to create an amazing experience for all the potential customers. AI will not only promote the brand but will also save the precious time and money of the marketer.

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