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How to Use IGTV for Business: Enhance Your Digital Presence


Are you familiar with the term “IGTV”? It stands for Instagram Television. It is one of the newest creation in the world of social media. Instagram is already providing you with a huge platform for showcasing your work, now with IGTV, you can gain some extra mileage as far as your social network is concerned. If you are a marketer then you might be using Instagram for different ways to expand your reach, but with the help of IGTV, you can easily level up your game. IGTV is an app within Instagram where you can upload long videos for your audience. You need to know how does it work? How can you create videos in this app? Here, we will discuss how to use IGTV for business growth.

What is Instagram Television or IGTV?

IGTV is an app where you can view video contents of your favorite Instagrammers. You can do so either staying on Instagram or just uploading the app separately. So, it provides both options which provide more flexibility to Instagrammers.

It can be used as a multi-functional tool for business promotion.

Also, you already might be creating Instagram content for promoting your business but IGTV provides you an opportunity to create vertical contents, which further could enhance your competence. Here’s the launch video, just for a quick glimpse,

What Kinds of Videos can you Create and Share?

You can upload and share vertical videos in this app. If you are already using Instagram Stories, you would not face any technical problem here. The quality of videos should be as good as Instagram Stories. On IGTV you get the following utilities:

  • You can upload any videos up to 10 minutes long.
  • You can upload videos just like Instagram stories with the 1080×1920 ratio.

specs how to use igtv 2018

The videos should be at least 15 seconds’ duration. And remember you should have an Instagram account to use this app even if you have downloaded the app separately.

Advantages For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

IGTV seamlessly links up with your Instagram account. Whatever you upload on IGTV is instantly visible through Instagram. There you can find a small icon of IGTV when you first upload a video there. You followers could also view the icon attached to your profile. They can get straight to your channel to see the videos you have uploaded.

Some Useful IGTV Tips to Create Great Videos

You can shoot easily with your phone and then use a multipurpose video editor to cut short the entire video to add some effects as per your requirements and upload it quickly. However, if you want more professional looking videos following the quick tips:

  • Try to use the in-built camera of your smartphone rather than the Instagram camera. It provides better video quality and applies a video editor later. You will also be able to take several short takes and add them later before uploading.
  • Use a smartphone mount to take the shots. Often the video quality deteriorates when you try to shoot with hands.
  • Don’t forget to shoot vertically as IGTV is really effective for vertical videos.
  • Take care of the audio quality too, you can use a voice memo app as a microphone for more clear audio. Never neglect this aspect.
  • Use your computer to edit the video. After shooting, upload the files on your computer for edit and special effects. It improves the quality of your video and quickens the job.
  • You need a dynamic video editor that can edit vertical videos nicely. So, get complete information about a video editor before using it.

Experienced marketers use Instagram Stories to promote IGTV videos. Whenever you are creating a new story put a link of your IGTV video so that followers can swiftly access the new uploads there.

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