How to Use Periscope For Marketing

How to Use Periscope For Marketing And Drive Sales


Periscope is an app for video sharing that has become quite popular these days. It allows you to stream videos online from your Smartphone directly and instantly. As per a recent study, Videos shall continue to dominate the social media platforms in the near future though there has been enhancing focus on the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrencies. Forwarding to Periscope marketing, You can easily notify your followers in the associated Twitter account whenever you upload any new video online and your followers can stream it easily. When you have posted the video on the platform, you are no longer required to keep a saved copy in your Smartphone. The video gets automatically saved in the Periscope account.

The online video streaming procedure has become very easy and thus every one is sharing almost everything. Periscope is at the top of the list because of the following reasons:

  • You get automatic tweets from your friends, and,
  • It works very easily and pretty well too.

When you install it, it gets connected to the social graph of the Twitter that builds the followers who are also using the app. This happens automatically. Here’s how to use Periscope for marketing and drive sales for your business:

1. Launching the Product

During the launch of your product, you can demonstrate your products as well as services to the consumers with the help of video marketing. You can even use daily videos for open interaction with your clients. Many brands derive benefits from real demonstrations such as the real estate firms and the restaurants. The software companies to demonstrate how the software may be used.

2. Event Promotion

When you host an event, the whole audience cannot attend the particular event. But, they should not miss that opportunity out, so in this case, you should use Periscope for both live streams and presentations. You can also involve the Twitter community. You can show your audience videos of behind the scenes so that they get an idea about the backstage.

3. To Add The ‘Excite’ Factor

A Periscope is a great tool for the long-awaited products. You can give your target audiences a suspense regarding the product and also give a few teasers and these can provide a lot of excitement to the customers before the actual launch.

4. Deals Promotions

People always look for better deals. When the consumers are tuned to the Periscope videos, you can offer them promotional codes. Offering limited period offer can keep the customers tuned in. On the Periscope videos, keep a slight mystery and this will make the audience come back. If they get no idea about the subsequent promotional code then they will keep themselves engaged until you release the next video.

5. Interviews and 1-to-1 QA Sessions

An interview is the best way to show the transparency of the brand along with the expertise of the industry. Interviews can bring in awareness and it enhances audience engagement in the long run. Consumers look for the opportunity wherein they can ask questions so it is always a great idea if you can make them know the importance of the Periscope app.

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6. Enhance Storytelling

With the live streaming videos, the consumers can get the feeling of the brand in the most authentic manner. Live videos are used for touring the audiences to the current place of work or the headquarters and also, it can deliver the audiences a look-book about your brand. Periscope marketing can offer the brand a lot of transparency, that people always love!

7. Build Trust by Answering FAQ’s

Most of the websites have an FAQ page. In this section, the queries of the audience are answered. With a medium like Periscope, you can easily use it for answering the FAQs in an interactive manner. It becomes much easier for the consumers when the things are explained via the videos instead of the plaintexts. You can make it a weekly object and can provide tricks & tips to your target audience.


Videos always attract more traffic and with the help of the videos, consumers can learn more about the company and its products. Consumers love watching videos because they can understand the thing in a simple and easy manner. Periscope marketing will act as a huge advantage if you use it as a part of the video marketing strategy.

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