how to use twitter lists for business

How to Use Twitter Lists for Business


Managing Twitter is an extremely important social media marketing strategy. There are a variety of reasons why we are putting so much emphasis on proper management and setting up of a Twitter. So, here we’ll list down a few vital reasons justifying on how to use Twitter lists for business. But first, What is a Twitter List?

What is a Twitter List?

It is a simplified way of organizing multiple Twitter accounts in separate groups. This is done in a manner that makes sense for you.  It is necessary to help you interact with the tweets from your audience based on the criterion selected by you. So, all the irrelevant tweets will be cut out and you’ll see only what’s important.

Why Are Twitter Lists Important?

  • They help save a lot of time and searching
  • With these, you can better engage with the influencers, journalists, and customers who matter the most

Steps Involved in the Creation of Twitter Lists?

  1. Log into your Twitter account and click on Profile and Settings icon that can be seen on the upper right end of the account. Further, a menu appears where you have to select ‘Lists.’
  2. A window will open which will lead you to ‘Create a new list’ – Click on that.
  3. Select a name for the list and add a description of the list. Select whether you want to make the list public or private and save it.

Targets for Your Twitter Lists

  • Experts and Industry leaders
  • Journalists
  • Competitors
  • Potential customers
  • Rival and non-rival businesses
  • People in a Twitter chat
  • Anyone else you want

use twitter lists for business 2018

Should You Subscribe to Twitter Lists for Business Benefit?

Subscribing to one is a wise strategy for your social media profile.

  • It will let the person who created the list know that you like their work.
  • It will add their Twitter list to the list of Twitter lists you follow. Meaning you can now supervise the tweets from their lists while you are managing your own list.
  • When you check out someone else’s list, you will know which accounts to follow and which you can ignore.

In all, they can be a game changer for you if you know how to use Twitter lists for business wisely. Try to subscribe to as much twitter lists you are able to find as that may help you boom your business visibility and grab all new leads!


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