how to write a brand story

At some level or another, we all need a cause, a cause to connect, and stories are the best way to create that connection between any two entities. In business, they can be the real game-changers and help in elevating the game with your present and potential customers. Think about it! The stories behind your brand, or your product, people can understand not only your purpose but the origin of your purpose! Telling people why your brand exists through storyboarding. It can help you build a communication journey that will bring together all your customers. But, How to write a brand story that carries an impact? Yes, we are getting to that, first, let’s grab its importance.

A company is just an institutional entity if you are not communicating with your customers. So it is very important to tell your journey, from where it started and where you’re heading next…

“When you communicate your brand story, it creates space for your customers to join your journey”

How to Write a Brand Story

People are ready to pay you 30 times the price for a casual handbag from Gucci as compared to any XYZ company’s bag because the brand has made an image in the mind of people, that if they carry the ‘Gucci’ bag it will scream class! It’s partly because of the story they’ve created alongside their brand.

Let’s move into the step-wise guide on how to write a brand story for yourself:

1. Clear Your Vision

The first thing you need to do is have a clear vision of what you actually want your end customer to think of your brand, whether its something related to class or something related to scarcity or something which simply tells a fairy tale or just something which relates to your passion. If you yourself can’t see it, your audience will face a problem in understanding it too… So, be extra focused on your end goal.

2. It’s About Relationship

Next while writing a brand story you need to relate to your audience mindset, its the most important thing to do. Don’t look for short-term profit, create a long lasting image in the eyes of people. That will leave you and your brand with customers as well as respect.

For eg; Reliance JIO rewarded consumers with a SIM card which allowed the end user to access the unlimited internet and calling in the price range which no one could have ever imagined. And due to this, all the existing telephonic companies have to put down their prices to sustain in the market.

3. Consistency is The KEY

To sustain in the market, you need to have the consistency key in your pocket, both in your work and your words. If you keep on changing your word or showcase the not-so-stable attitude towards your brand; Guess What! your customers will lose trust in you and gradually, switch to some other product or service provider. I personally would like to share my learning as an entrepreneur,

“No amount of money can make up for a lack of passion”

Many entrepreneurs do think that they were not able to stay longer in the consistency array because of lack of funds. But just answer a small question, ‘Did you ever thought of funds when you were planning your idea in your head?’ You might have, but it was always way less important than your passion… If you truly believe in your idea, take the DAMN risk and dive in, just don’t forget to stay right there when times got tough.

4. Keep it Simple Silly…

Try to be simple and original, if you show authenticity, and carry the touch of uniqueness in your work, services or product you will automatically be the best in the market. People tend to fall for the products/services which help them simplify their needs and as I always say,

“When people are heard, they feel like they are a part of business”

There are customers who endorse their favorite brand while meeting an old friend or colleague, and they do so for the only reason that “They feel good about your product/service”. It’s that simple if you aim at value, you’ll automatically gain maximum customers as opposed to your competitors.

How to Write a Brand Story that sells

5. Don’t Forget the VALUE

A storyteller must always consider adding value to the product/service, it should be portrayed in such a way that it leaves an impact on the reader and develops value for the brand. Your customers are connected to you because of your brand values.

Value-additive factors like discounts, support & sales quality, product essence etc always have a positive impact on the growth of the company. As an entrepreneur, you must invest in these factors wisely & efficiently.

A good story always leaves a POSITIVE impact on its audience.

How to Write a Brand Story that sells? Simply, deliver value. If the story is good, it will act as a very powerful tool for marketing. So, one must emphasize a good story to maintain a compelling brand image in the market.

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