how to write a vision statement for your business

Do you want to see your brand among the top five in the market? Do you want to increase your brand’s goodwill? Well, one of the easiest and cost-effective ways would be by framing a vision statement. This is like a ticket to success for many small companies because it represents what your company is all about, what the goal and aspirations your company holds. Vision statements are not complicated and can vary from just a small sentence or phrase to a small paragraph. But, the question is, how to write a vision statement in order to create an impact on the customer’s mind? No worries, Here are a few tips you may employ:

1. Be Short & Precise

Do not beat around the bush. Since you will have a couple of sentences to wrap the whole thing up, you should make sure that the statements are not generic. It should be unique and be focusing on your company aspirations.

2. Go Simple & Be Understandable

Using complicated or uncommon words may take the charm out of the statement. Try not to use any metaphor or business jargons that people may not be able to understand.

3. Try to Be Ambitious

You are not selling products or services with this. These statements represent your company dreams and what it wants to do for the customers. An ambitious statement would easily attract the attention of potential customers as they would be impressed.

vision statement for a team

4. Avoid Puns or Phrases

A perfect vision statement is one that does not use words that can be misinterpreted. Words that can be used as puns or phrases that are not easy to interpret should be avoided because customers would be confused with what the statement is trying to mean.

5. Try to Be Unique

An easy way to write a vision statement is why answering the question “Why your company exists?” or “What makes your company different from others?” Once you come up with unique answers to these questions, you will automatically find a one-liner that would be a suitable vision statement.

6. Be Futuristic

Giving a futuristic statement can be an excellent way to draw more customers to your company. There are numerous companies who give a plan of what they are going to do in the next 5 or 10 years. This has worked in favor of the companies every time because customers want to compare and see if you are really keeping up with what you have stated.

Let Go of Old methods (or Why Old Methods Won’t Work)

The concept of vision statements has existed for a long time, but previously they were more product or service specific. This can work in some cases, but in the recent times, the company needs to create a brand presence in the mind of the customer first. For this, it is important to create a first impression. The vision statements are the best ways to create that impression. It is always possible to change a vision statement after a year or two, but you need to stick to what you have mentioned in the statement to earn the trust of the customers.

Previously, vision statements were used as knowledge campaigns and it was available both in print and in the audio-visual medium. However, those existed for a specific time period; maybe a month or two and then the company again had to think of changing the statement. Nowadays, the concept had changed quite a bit. There are companies who do not change their vision statement as it becomes an identity for their company. This is exactly the kind of impact that vision statements can have on customers and it can be a game changer.


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