Importance of logo design

What’s in the Name? – Importance of Brand Name, Logo & Design


To understand this, let’s take a typical example. While buying a distilled water bottle, we ask for “Bisleri” and are alarmed when somebody hands over a “Bilseri” or a differently packaged water bottle. Have you wondered what makes you identify, judge and opt for just the right products in the cluster of other unknown products? That is the importance of brand name, logo and design.

Humans are visual learners, and we depend on our senses and experience for everything. When we first start speaking and understanding a language, we do it by implicit-association. We ascribe meanings and words to things around us as per the language rules as well as according to our personal experiences. Since then, we keep accumulating words and their associations in our brain which help us function and take decisions in everyday life.

That’s the science behind why you would trust Bisleri, a brand name you are familiar with rather than Bilseri which seems alarming to your brain as new and suspicious. We associate things with name, color, and experience. When we say Google, automatically the logo of Google shapes up in our mind.

Taking this aspect into consideration, every brand, therefore, needs a unique brand name, logo, and design which helps the audience/customers to associate good things with the name. The brand name, logo and design become the visual markers or “face” of your products in the market. Any customer/consumer should associate a good experience with the name only then he/she will be interested in the product offered by you.

This can be achieved in many ways but here are some important markers which are essential for making the face-value of your brand/company:

  • Brand name:
    • Must be unique
    • Must be catchy
    • Must deliver the essence of your service
    • Must be easy to understand and should have a sense

For example: When someone hears the word “Snapchat,” they can quickly realize that it involves something with snapshots/pictures sent in a chat form. The brand name is unique, catchy and delivering the essence.

  • Logo and design:
    • Must be unique
    • Must be along the lines of your brand name (helps in associating the name with the image)
    • Must follow font, color and document design guidelines
    • Must have professionalism blended with style and fun

For example, The logo of McDonald’s is enough to convey the idea of the whole brand. Even if it just one letter, the color, design, product and brand name everything is held together by a powerful logo.

Importance of Brand Name

So, this is the science and logic of choosing the right brand name, logo and design. Choose something distinguishable and remarkable because it will become your brand’s identity on social media, amongst your audience as well as competitors. Therefore, next time, someone asks you what’s in the name? You can respond by saying, everything is conveyed just by the name!

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