what is importance of storyboarding

Importance of Storyboarding


We all know that a storyboard is a helpful tool for designers and developers, but what the importance of storyboarding. In the world of Design, many designers see various aspects of research techniques before ending up with a proper design. A storyboard helps you get the most out of it, whether you deal with a TV commercial, gaming product or time when you pitch your ideas. It is best suited for detecting whether an idea can come to reality in an effective manner or not.

What is Storyboarding?

Story-boarding is the process of making the story of events possible in form of illustrations displayed in a sequence of their execution. We cannot imagine the construction of house without a blueprint, same goes for Media and game development companies when coming to a storyboard.

They are the best way to tell the whole concept in 60 second or less. It is an effective way to see the things come to reality, by doodling your idea over the panel.

Storyboarding is the first line of work for building a game or a movie, and employed by making rough sketches of characters and product stream plot. A Storyboard can be considered similar to your script writing in terms of your movie or video pitch and is an effective way of examining whether your idea will be successful or not!

Storyboarding in the Media World

Storyboarding technique has been used over 100 years for designing and development. It was invented and first used by Walt Disney Productions to conceptualize the execution process of their plot. Storyboarding becomes a way to engage the idea between the director and the designer over a period of time. As we told you, it is an act of displaying the idea via images inside many panels kept to visualize the product/service movie.

Storyboarding was liked by many due to its minimalistic design and more often for ease of expressing an idea, before it came to reality. It is probably the best way to interact with the user mindset and his/her expectancy while dealing with a project.

storyboard example
Due to the ability to affect the mind and convey an idea which is easy to remember, a storyboard can be used in many forms by the companies and brands. For Example, it comes in handy for pitching the idea to clients which he or she can visualize and understand what we want to convey.

Storyboarding in UX Design

Any UX designer tends to think in a more effective manner for optimum product usage by the end user and appreciate the “pitch and critique” method. For this, they tend to think like users and prioritize what might be important to them. Here, with the help of a storyboard, a designer experiments with different techniques without increasing the budget of production and yield an optimum result.

Importance of Storyboarding in Different Industries

Storyboard within a game production company is a good way to convert characters into the reality for conducting user tests and gathering feedback. A Storyboard is the second stage of work inside this industry, while script writing remains the first. Storyboard is used for communication and building up the story for effective understanding, further, many startups and developers use it to track product milestones.

In media company, as told earlier it is employed for representing ideas and stepping into the shoes of the users. Any media company have plenty of storyboards for showcasing vision and marking guidelines for the whole team before work starts.

Storyboard is best for interacting with the audience and infusing an approach towards the end goal.

Tips to write a Good Storyboard

• Take clean panels for doodling everything after you’ve decided the sequence of creation.
• Don’t try to build a complete sketch, only aim for rough ideas for your imagination. ONLY Scenarios/Scenes, not the movie.
• A storyboard can be of various types according to the angle of shots like over the shoulder, zoom in/out, medium shot etc. And depending on trickiness, it can be categorized for various industry.
• Storyboard making requires clear pictures either by hand or on the computer for reducing the potential risk of failure of the idea.


Even over many years, there is no replacement to the field of features storyboard provide us. Over time even more and more companies are employing it as a potential tool for interacting with users and reducing flaws while production. Below, we present to you, an example of a Coca-Cola advertisement. Try it yourself and see what you can do with it!


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  1. I never knew that something like storyboarding even existed! Thanks for this post, now I may implement it to my workflow as well

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