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Mega-List of 25 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Professionals


LinkedIn is a powerful professional network that allows you with unlimited networking opportunities. You can be anyone, a working professional, a student, a CEO or an entrepreneur, your LinkedIn presence makes the first impression when it comes to networking. To help you make the most of it, I’ll be sharing super effective LinkedIn profile tips in this post.

Stop worrying, if your “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” chart is becoming a flat-lining after each passing day. I’ll be taking you through the simple hacks on how to optimize LinkedIn profile and keep bringing some life into your profile and generate more views.

linkedin profile optimization tips

1. Use Professional Photos

You’ll probability of being “viewed” by a potential connect is almost 11 times higher when you make use of professional photos in your profile. So, its time to say goodbye to those funky silhouettes and reveal yourself to the world.

Also, do ensure that your profile picture isn’t the one you use on a dating site like Tinder, a stock photo, or from your social network. And strictly, don’t try to feature your significant other or pet. LinkedIn is purely for professionals and you must be one.

2. Have a Professional Headline

Your headline is the first thing that entices people to click. I see many people highlighting their current position at an organization, and leave it just there. What I need you to realize is that you can and should go further. How?

  • By showcasing your skills, or awards (for eg, Trainer, Google Certified, Speaker, Consultant, Evangelist)
  • By highlighting your expertise in your niche (for eg, Visual designer, Hubspot specialist, Digital strategist)

Be sure to include only those details for which you’d like to rank for. Using this LinkedIn profile tips would help you tell everyone in your connections what you do, who you are, and why you’re someone they need to network with.

linkedin profile optimization tips for job seekers

3. Brand Yourself With a Background Photo

Bored by your LinkedIn profile? Time to step up and gain a bit more appeal with a visually attractive image.

Remember, LinkedIn recommends using an image with a resolution of 1400×425 px with the following format PNG, JPG, or GIF.

4. Location and Industry Matters

Having an accurate location and industry information on your profile helps you find more relevant contacts. If it’s incorrect, its time you fix it!

5. Write a Remarkably Good Summary

Remember, this is the description that will make you SELL to your potential connections. Your summary should be more than just your job experience, it should expand on what appears in your headline, highlighting your specialties, noteworthy recognitions, and creative thought leadership.

You can decide to choose to write between first-person’s and third-person’s point-of-view. But do decide to choose just one, as using both of them, can get confusing for the reader.

A checklist to keep you on track,

  • You must focus on only the most relevant details
  • Avoid using meaningless jargons
  • Do mind your ego
  • Lastly, ensure that it’s easy to read
profile optimization tips linkedin

6. Mind the Typos

Trust me, you’ll like someone judging you over your grammar. Try to avoid poor grammar, typos, and misspellings at all costs. If needed, feel free to seek professional help if needed.

7. Hack: Select “Other” Website Option

On your Contact Info, you have an option to display a link to a website or blog. By default, you’ll see “Blog” or “Website.” And anyone visiting your profile would have ZERO clues on where they’ll end up if they click on that.

In improvisation, you can use your business or actual brand name. Here’s a simple little trick.

Select the “Other” option and add your customized website title and URL.

8. Account for Intent!

It’s well said that we are our words. Ensuring what you want a visitor to learn after viewing our profile is incredibly important.

To make the most of it, try to use appropriate keywords.

Identify which words are “sexy” in your industry and might be used by your employers. And then use those keywords in your headline, summary, and profile.

Note: Using the right keywords will make you discoverable to more potential opportunities.

9. Personalize Your URL

I still see many people using an ugly combination of letters, numbers, and backslashes on their Linkedin profile. You might still have it, right? It’s the default which the platform assigns when you create an account.

Try customizing your URL like (It’s me!)

By doing so, you are aligning your LinkedIn profile to be consistent with your other social profiles.

10. Sections Help You WIN

You can add sections for experience, volunteering, posts, languages, honors and awards, certifications, and many more.

Use them wisely to structure your profile to showcase a piece of your personality. Why this matter? As your visitors would be scanning your profile and if crosses any of their interests, they are more likely to add you to their connections.

11. Own Your Media

Visual storytelling is a crucial part of today’s digital world. And using this by adding appropriate media to your profile can help you stand out.

Try adding photos, documents, videos, blogs URLs and presentations.

12. Publish Amazing Posts

What’s better than showcasing your expertise via posts? LinkedIn offers you to be an influencer in your industry by providing you basic blogging features. It’s a great way to grow your influence, acquire new followers, and gain more visibility.

Wondering how? Your existing connections are notified whenever you publish and the new audience can discover your posts via search.

13. Organize Your Endorsements

Having the right “areas of expertise” which aligns with your career and job role is important. As users are always on a spree to endorse their connections, you need to ensure that you get endorsed for the right skill.

For eg, I’ve seen some profiles where people get endorsed for skills like Tiffin, Chewing Gum, and Running (yes! these are “expertise” according to LinkedIn). Having such skills won’t add value to your profile and definitely not to your future job roles. So, here’s an advice, add only the critical skills that would play a role in your professional life.

skills & endorsements

14. Connect With ‘NEW’ People

This can be the best thing you could do to make your profile more discoverable. Having a habit of connecting with at least 5 new people can help you drastically increase your chances of being “seen”.

Doing so can have great benefits. A few to mention include, you get in front of influencers, get more endorsements, more people see your content, and it’s great for personal branding.

15. ‘Humanize’ Your Invitations to Connect

The default LinkedIn message isn’t much attractive and unfolds less of your intentions towards the connection.

“I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn professional network.”

Instead of using this, try to make it more personal, for eg, mention things like a mutual interest, or where you met and why you value the connection. It is proven that this personal touch increases the odds of them accept your request by almost 60%.

16. Find and Join Groups

Groups are a great way to find like-minded people.

Depending on which industry you work in, there are always millions of groups to choose from. All you need to do is find the ones that are right for you and join them.

Start discussions or even better, join them. I would recommend not selling your product or service or promote yourself, instead share valuable industry insights! That will help you build your personal brand on social media.

use linkedin groups for profile optimization

17. Build Business Relationships

A piece of advice, when someone accepts your connection request, never start pitching your service/ product right away. That my friend, is a relationship killer.

Instead, invest in people. Comment on their posts, like, and even share. This makes you more “seen” by your connections and that’s a good thing.

By building a relationship with trust over activities, you are more likely to ask for favors!

18. Remember Where, When & Who

Once you’ve grown your network to thousands, a bit daunting task would be to remember every single person.

Luckily, LinkedIn helps you with this. In the Relationship section, LinkedIn allows you to write notes about your contact, including where you met, how was the last recall, or set reminders to “check-in” at regular intervals.

And the last part, you need to worry, these notes and reminders are only visible to you!

19. Stalk Openly!

Well, this is the best advice for a few of us. As LinkedIn shares your name and headline with the person you just stalked. In many business situations, this is highly recommended.

LinkedIn search allows you to find people by name, company, or skills.

But did you knew that can go much deeper?

Yes, and by using advanced search, you can find people by job title, school, location, relationship, current/past company, language, industry, and nonprofit interests — with a lot more for Premium members.

21. Ask for Recommendations

While some people might take a lot to write you a recommendation, LinkedIn makes is super easy. You may employ the “Ask to be recommended” link, in which you can specify what you want to be recommended for, and by whom you want to be recommended by.

Tip: Pick people wisely. Don’t just randomly ask your contacts to recommend you, be purposeful and selective.

ask for recommendation

22. Using Status Updates

You can use LinkedIn’s status update to highlight some of your recent work, share an article or book you’ve read, or simply offer inspiration through a quote.

Remember, every update is another opportunity to strengthen your network.

23. Export Your LinkedIn Connections

Well, you’ve gone through the trouble of building a network, you don’t want to risk losing it? So, learn to occasionally download your connections.

How to do this? Click on Connections -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Export as a CSV

Got something that you’re proud of? Some great reward, honor or an interview, that you believe would be a perfect fit? Then you can add it to your profile’s “Featured” section.

What’s the benefit? Your viewers get to know the key aspects of your personality and achievements.

25. Be Positive

What you say reflects your personality. So, try to never post negative comments about your past employer/company or someone else.

Instead, rewrite it in a constructive way. If you can’t, just distract yourself and go do something else to shift focus.


Now that you’re done brushing up. You need to hit the REFRESH button on your profile and use these LinkedIn profile tips to make it stand out! Remember, your dream job starts with a killer profile.

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