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Make Money From AdSense - Calculate How Many Visitors You Need


Are you someone who has just added Google AdSense to their blog and expecting their first payout to be $1000? Well, that’s a good aim to have. But do you know how many visitors you need to get that kind of payout? If not, no worries, this post is for you. We will we covering how many visitors you need to make any X amount of revenue. So, let’s get started with the make money from Adsense revenue calculation.

Google AdSense is one of the quickest and easiest ways to monetize your website. All you need to do is create an account, get accepted, place the generated AdSense code into your site and hurray! your money-making funnel is ready.

A crucial part that one must understand is exactly how many visitors are needed to create a reasonable revenue. Until you get a significant number of visitors on your site, AdSense earnings can be quite low.

how much money can you make through google adsense

Here’s How Much Traffic You Need To Earn From Adsense

I’ll show you step by step process on how to use available information to get to the number of visitors your website needs. To calculate how many visitors you need, we’ll need some information from our AdSense account and our Analytics account. If you don’t have them, simply signup and start gathering data. We need at least 28 days of data to work out on visitor numbers.

Next, we need the following:

  1. Decide how much revenue you need to earn on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  2. Work out how many different pages an average visitor sees on your site
  3. Understand how much advertisers pay for a click on an ad in your niche
  4. Work out how many visitors are likely to have ad-block software
  5. Establish How Many Visitors are Likely to click on an ad
  6. Calculate how many visitors per page views are needed to make your desired income

Now, its time to take up each of these steps and then calculate how many visitors are needed to generate revenue over AdSense.

1. Decide how much revenue you need to earn on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

It’s pretty straight forward. Simply write down how much you want to make on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Ideally, this should cover the operating cost of your website, and subsequently pay you for the time you spend working on your content.

You can start with a low figure, for eg, $10 a day and calculate further based on different amounts.

Decide & Write how much want to earn on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; and be realistic with it.

how much can you make through adsense

2. Work out How Many Different Pages an Average Visitor Sees on your Site

This is simple. More the number of pages someone sees on your website, the more likely they are to see and click on an ad. Always remember, sticking people onto your website or blog is a key part of making money through Adsense.

Head to your Google Analytics dashboard, and find out the average number of pages per visit.

Where to find it? Google Analytics Dashboard > Audience > Overview and check ‘Pages/session’.

Higher average pages/session, higher is the revenue you earn.


3. Understand How Much Advertisers Pay for a Click on an Ad in your Niche

Some keywords pay much more than others. For eg, online courses, health, insurance, law, etc, pay much more per click than ones related to food and recipes.

Once you have some historical data in your AdSense account, you can easily find your average ‘cost per click’ (or CPC). Unable to find your CPC? Go to Google AdSense Dashboard > Performance Reports and see ‘CPC’. Ensure to take the average CPC over a reasonable period of time.

The more money you make per click, the fewer visitors you need to reach your desired income.

4. Work out How Many Visitors are Likely to Have Ad-block Software

Ad-blocking software is common on many computers and web browsers and you must account for their effect on revenue. For those who don’t know what it does, it prevents your visitors from seeing ads.

There isn’t an easy way to work out the percentage of people that have ad-block software installed, but a reasonable estimate would be around 25% to 30% of your total visitor count. Once you have that number, calculate the number of people who do not have ad-blocking software installed.

Be reasonable with the percentage of people with.

google adsense revenue calculator

5. Establish How Many Visitors are Likely to Click on an Ad

‘Click Through Rate’ or CTR — In other words, if visitors are on a particular page, how many of them are likely to click on an ad.

You can find your CTR using your Google AdSense account.

Can’t find it? Go to Google AdSense > Performance Reports and looking at ‘Page CTR’. You must account for a reasonable timespan in order to get a decent average CTR rate.

6. Calculate How Many Visitors Per Page Views Are Needed

Now we are ready to calculate how many visitors are needed to make our desired income. So, here’s the formula,

Visitors needed = Desired income/cost per click / click-through rate(CTR) /percent of people without ad-block / average pages per session

Trouble calculating? Here’s an easy to use Google AdSense revenue calculator I created for you.

An Example

Here’s an example of how this works.

  • Desired revenue = $20 a day
  • Cost per click = 30 cents per click
  • Average pages/session = 1.5
  • Percent of visitors without ad-blocker = 65%
  • Average click-through rate = 2.2%

This would work out as follows:

  1. Take the revenue that you want to earn ($20) and turn it into cents: 2,000
  2. Divide the number of cents (2,000) by the average cost per click (30); this will tell you how many clicks you need to get your desired revenue: 66
  3. Next, divide the number of clicks you need (66) by your average page click-through rate (2.2% — 0.022) and the percent of visitors without ad-blocker (65% — 0.65); this will tell you how many page views you need: 4615
  4. Finally, divide that number (4615) by the average number of pages/session (1.5) = 3,076 visitors
  5. This will give you the total number of visitors that you need to earn your revenue ($20) = 3,076

As you can see, you will need a sizable number of visitors to earn decent money from AdSense. By using this formula you can plug your own numbers in. So, get ahead, tweak your website and maximize on your ability to make money from Google AdSense. There’s no limit on how much you can make from Google Adsense.

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