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How to Perform Marketing in a Distracted, Digital Age


Digital media is not unique anymore. Most people these days have a smartphone and majority of the households have several smart devices including computers, phones, and tablets. This prevalence along with social media, Big Data, and digital marketing tools have made it hard for marketers to perform effective marketing in the digital age, and further, to target a particular audience with the advertising messages.

However, the consumers also these days are experiencing an overload of digital media and they are so saturated with the messages and the advertisements that they are either completely try to avoid them or start ignoring them. Though the use of mobile phones is very high, the attention spans are an all-time low.

Be target oriented in the market in spite of all distractions in the Digital World

Fascinating here is the fact that consumers also expect brand messages consistently across the screens, devices, and the channels. Here are some of the ways to help marketers can perform effective marketing in the digital age to grab the attention of distracted consumers:

1. Avoid Overly Branding

People do not prefer being persuaded. The instinctive and automatic reaction of the viewers is to stay away from those brands who promote too much branding. The researchers have observed that the bigger logos, longer brand exposure, and logos at the screen center lead to reduced viewing.

So, the marketers can showcase their brands successfully through brand pulsing. With this, the viewership may enhance by 20%.

2. Create a Positive Feeling

Marketers need to understand the significance of emotion because the consumers these days have huge access to the number of brands including their competitors. A positive emotion is crucial for the conversion and the consumer retention process. Creating a positive emotion immediately can keep the attention of the viewers for a long time.

marketing in digital age

People share information to only the brands towards which they have a positive connection. The mobile channels can make use of the GIFs for building a quick and targeted emotional message.

3. Create an Emotional Roller Coaster

According to a research study, the viewers can continue to watch a digital video advertisement when they experience a kind of emotional up and down. The marketers should try to provide the joy and then take it away and then again give it back.

The videos that can deliver continuous levels of surprise or joy do not engage the viewers for a long time. So, the advertisers have to build a roller coaster of emotions, which at times, is hard to achieve.

When the marketers create this cycle, the viewers remain hooked to it and they pay more attention.

4. Surprise Customers

Surprising the customers is good to gain engagement and attention. However, shocking them prohibits digital sharing. There are two kinds of humor, shocking and pure. Pure humor provides more viewership but shocking humor gives viewing.

market to target customers

5. Target the Consumers Who Are Inclined to Share the Message

People show the tendency to share the content when it serves the purpose of self-interest. The sender consciously or unconsciously gains social capital while sharing the content. This concept is viral advertising symbiosis. This concept is there when the advertisers or consumers find the content beneficial in a mutual way.

Gathering people to watch an advertisement is about emotions but sharing the message is about the personality of the sender. When the consumers forward the emails or talk about the latest app messages with their friends they do it as they know they would love it and enjoy the feeling too.


It’s quite easy to conclude that consumers have very limited attention, but it’s equally important for the marketers to make it valuable by delivering a brand pulse sense to the message. Remember, the goal remains to generate engagement.

In this world where digital media has become so popular, making the consumers actively saturated. The volume of an advertisement cannot guarantee new consumers, the time has come to focus on the quality, as it’s the only thing that will help you rule out the odds in order to be the best on marketing in the digital age.

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