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When we think about matchmaking tools we think about the connection, the shared stories, and how people are brought together. The common bond between ideas and passion, the secrecy behind not knowing who you are going to meet, and then you rub that special lantern and Aladdin appears to grant you your wish…

Six attendees at the same trade show, with the same goals of your company, wanting to share their stories and find out more about what you can offer and even more importantly, what they can offer you. Total perfection! That is how matchmaking tools work and how we organize matchmaking meetings in a mutually agreeable manner. 

Matchmaking is an add-on to the trade show, a supplementary and innovative tool that can be used to increase the attendees experience and provide measurable ROI for the exhibitors, sponsors, and participants. Increasing the dynamics of the trade show and the participant’s networking opportunities facilitates new business relationships and creates a more successful and dynamic trade show.  

Matchmaking tools give you the opportunity to organize meetings with other attendees that share the same passions that you have. With technology on our side, we are able to connect you to a number of attendees, sponsors, or VIPs that are looking for similar opportunities. 

It all starts with Aladdin’s matchmaking innovation, a tool that analyses data from the companies and attendees and pairs people together. One of the key elements to making the right match is pairing the goals of the attendees and the companies. Finding the synergies through data analysis provides an opportunity to deliver the best networking options and a matchmaking experience and ultimately creating business connections with meaning. 

How do you best promote your company at a large trade show if you are not one of the sponsors? How do you find the right contacts if you haven’t met them yet and you’re not really even sure who you are looking for? Who wants to get stuck sitting next to the employee sent to represent their boss that has their eyes glued to the videogame on his phone and no real interest in the purpose of the trade show?  It is never joyful going through all of the superficial small chat only to learn that the person you are talking to probably isn’t who you need to be spending time talking to. A lot of these discussions are just casual networking that occurs at the events, usually without purpose or gain – matchmaking meetings are more structured and occur in an organized manner with purpose. 

With matchmaking tools, we can increase your connections with technology-driven matchmaking software. You will get to network with the right people who you want to meet with and can put that idle chit-chat to the side. When you are meeting with a purpose you have things to talk about and share which creates that natural comfort for good quality interactions.

One of the key elements of matchmaking innovation is collaboration. Matchmaking brings two companies together and both sides obtain value from the interaction, each with different capabilities and needs. This is not to say that the only way these two companies can come together is through the matchmaking tool, however, the odds of meeting each other are much lower without this innovation. 

It can be a daunting task to attend an international trade show knowing that there has been a significant financial outlay and the potential to not meet any leads to justify the cost. When matchmaking tools are put into place you can guarantee new relationships can be forged and companies can justify the expenditure for these events. Remember that the participants are not just for those attending, but benefits and gains for the sponsors and exhibitors as well. Matchmaking meetings can involve all of those participating in the trade show. 

Information relating to your company is collected prior to the event and this information is entered into the software system. The information is customized and the profiles of each of the attendees are confirmed. Event organizers set calendar meetings and confirm timing, location, and all of the details required for the meeting to occur. Your job is to just show up or attend the virtual meeting, all of the searching and connecting is looked after by us. 

Face to face or virtual

Matchmaking meetings are not just for face-to-face trade shows but can also be implemented for virtual trade shows. The only difference is we connect you via video in our virtual meeting room instead of providing you a physical meeting location. This works for hybrid trade shows as well, especially in the climate of COVID-19. Not all companies can travel to the trade shows in order to establish new networks and contacts, the matchmaking meetings can help eliminate this dissonance. Whether you are in attendance at the show or taking it all in while sitting in the comforts of your own home, matchmaking meetings can still be organized. This also increases the potential number of companies you can meet with. 

When will the meetings take place?

The only thing we haven’t worked out how to do at trade shows is how to add more hours to the day. Trade shows are full of interesting speakers, stallholders with new and innovative products, and opportunities to learn about new suppliers or technologies you didn’t even know existed. You can provide us with time slots in your daily calendar and we’ll help to fill these in with your matches. They may happen before the trade show, during, or after – we will help organize it to make sure it works for both parties so that you can maximize your time and get the most out of the trade show.

In the end, you’ll finish the trade show with a number of new links and leads, and a network to increase the sales of your business. Maximizing your ability to meet similarly minded companies with benefits to both parties are natural outcomes of this matchmaking innovation. Expanding trade relationships and increasing your company’s exposure are all opportunities awaiting you at your next trade show.

AladdinB2B is a leader in B2B matchmaking and is ready to help your business set up its next matchmaking event. Visit AladdinB2B for more information on how we can help you get started.

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