Most Reliable SEO Tools

5 Most Reliable SEO Tools + Why Use Them


It’s 2020 and you realize that Search engine is where everybody is. The struggle for any new or small business is how to get on top of the results and how to get customers through searches? Well, its pretty simple, be wise with what tools you use and how you use them. To help you with the same here’s a list of most reliable SEO Tools to use for business success,

1. Answer the Public

Answer the Public is an automated visual phrase generator tool. It takes the search term as an input and generates a series of commonly searched phrases relevant to it.

Why Use It:

  • It gives you insight into why people use the keyword.
  • It would help you reanalyze your keyword strategy. As insights over people searching the way you think they should are always valuable.
  • Also, it helps you with long-tail keyword ideas for relevant topics.
  • Helpful if you want an edge to create rankable, relevant, and useful content for your target audience.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is known as one of the best SEM tool for its competitive analysis feature. Further, it provides users with valuable information about link building, display advertising, and search insights.

Why Use It:

  • It shows you the number of backlinks you’ve accumulated, so it’s easy to keep track of keywords over time, and can crawl your website for errors.
  • Provides you with advertiser insights through which you know how much they are paying to rank for a keyword
  • Comes with many ‘mini’ tools which facilitate various feature for your online presence, eg, Topic Research tool
  • Information is presented through reports and helpful charts which again, is a great time saver.
  • An ideal tool suitable for entrepreneurs (who do their individual SEO), marketers for small and mid-size businesses, enterprise-level companies, SEO consultants and agencies.


Ever wished to analyze your data as a search engine? Your wish has come true. is a tool that allows you to do exactly the same. It strips away the styling and lets you see it objectively how to see your website on the crawl. And all this purely from the algorithm’s perspective.

Why Use It:

  • You’re able to quickly see what words the search engine would logically rank your page for
  • It provides you with an overview of fundamental ranking factors like the number of external links you have, all your H1–6’s, any redirect errors, etc.

4. Google Console

The most know-it-all tool on this list for any marketer. In a nutshell, Google Search Console allows you to help Google understand your website. Your site would rank with or without using the Google console. But, its always suggested to use it as it allows you to understand what Google makes of your website content.

Why Use It:

  • Most reliable insights for better rankings (Yes, the name Google is there)
  • It gives you access to troubleshoot any issues it finds when crawling your page (for example, mobile responsiveness), and request Google reindex (if needed)

5. Keywords Everywhere

It is a browser extension that provides you better insights over your search keywords. It provides you data on search volume, CPC & competition ranking while browsing.

Why Use It:

  • On-the-go insights on your keywords
  • The extension serves you with effective to use keyword ideas which you may easily plug in your strategy


That’s all for most reliable SEO tools 2020. Always account that SEO is an ever-changing game. So keeping up with the tools designed for SEO is a great way to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

Why Should You Care? The answer is quite simple. If you don’t show up when people are looking for your page, product or service, then a competitor will. This way, you’ll lose a potential amount of sales. So, take charge and win your SEO game.

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