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Pixorr: A New Way to Discover Graphic Resources Online


Pixorr is the new-tab Google Chrome extension that helps you discover free graphics resources online and will become your default home page to deliver you best-in-class experience. It functions in a very simple way, all you need to do is open a new tab in your chrome and you’ll be fetched with fresh graphic resources. You can choose from various different resource providers, conduct a free search, filter your favorite ones and add them to your collections each time you find your perfect fit.

Pixorr will help you not only in increasing your work efficiency but too in staying updated with latest design trends running in the market.

Pixorr is fully packed with all features you ever desired of, let’s say you’re searching for some good vectors with keyword ‘Graphic Designer’. Pixorr will show you a list of vectors which have been published by major online publishers. Plus, you are always free to filter your search results to different filter segments like Photo, Wallpaper, Icons and even tutorials.

free graphic resources

Currently, Pixorr helps you discover the following:

  • Photos
  • Icons
  • Vector
  • PSD
  • UI Kit
  • Sketch
  • Mockup
  • Wallpaper
  • Background
  • Texture
  • Fonts
  • Tutorials

Not only, Pixorr will help you find free graphic resources for you, but too, you can create your own personalized collections of resources you like the most. All you need to do is hit the ‘Add to Collection‘ button given every grid item you see in the search section. You can quickly access your collections by hitting the top-right button of your panel window, there you can add, delete and manage your collection the way you would like to.

So, It’s time to forget the old Search methods now and make a shift towards Pixorr, you’re new discoverer for all design resources.

Click Here to download it for your chrome now. Visit the official website for more info!


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