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9 Ways to Prevent Your Sales Emails From Going to Spam


One always needs to make sure that your sales emails to customers never go to their spam folder. If we do not take adequate precautions, no matter how many emails we send, our ROI would always be much less than what we carry a potential for. It is very important to send targeted email on regular basis to boost the sales of a business. But if the email lands on the spam box then all the efforts of sending those emails go waste. So, for any business, it is very essential to prevent emails from going to spam folder.

As per a research study conducted by Return Path in the year 2015, it is found that 79% of commercial email only gets into the inbox and others are either entirely blocked or gets filtered as spam. As a result, it is seen that the rate of global inbox placement is going to decrease day by day.

One of the main reasons that stand in the way of reaching the sales email in the inbox of the target customer is the Spam Filter.

Let’s save the day! Here’s a HackList of steps to prevent emails from going to spam folder

While drafting a sales email it is very important to make sure that you do not include many links in the email. While there’s no rule on the maximum number of links one should allot inside your email draft, I would recommend a maximum of 5 links. Because when you add an excessive amount of links in the email body, there is a great chance that the email goes to spam rather than the target customer’s inbox.

2. Avoid Punctuation Mistakes & Excessive Use Of Exclamation Sign

While drafting an email, it is very essential that you avoid the use of punctuation marks especially the exclamation sign as much as possible. Exclamation signs are very often found that in the spam sales email and as a result when the filter finds a lot of exclamation sign it treats the email as spam.

4. Avoid Using Obscure Fonts

You should never use obscure fonts. Sans Serif is the default font for Gmail. Apart from Sans Serif, if you use some common font such as Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, etc., it still is fine. But when you use uncommon and obscure font, email spam filters might treat the email as a spam.

5. Include Relevant Images

It is also important to use too much image in the email. You should always keep the text-to-image ratio at a reasonable rate. This will always help to decrease the chance of getting the email caught by the email spam filters.

Also, employ the use of alt tag with your image, it helps spam filters signify that your email contains relevant content to that of the subject assigned to the email draft.

6. Compress The Image (At least, Try!)

It is also important to compress the image that you will be used in the email. When you use high-resolution photos the email becomes too heavy and the email spam filters might treat it as a spam email and thus move it to the spam folder of the target customer instead of sending it into the inbox of the target customer.

7. Avoid Using Sales Promotion Words

While drafting email you need to make sure that you do not use too many sales promotion words such as “promo”, “offer”, “sales”, etc. Because when the email spam filters find out too much of these words in the email body it understands that it is the email that is related to sales. In such case, it treats the email as a junk email.

When sending a sales email it is very essential to include the physical address in the email, it adds authenticity to it. You should also include an unsubscribing link in the email, it adds trust. And both carry a good credit towards helping you land email into inbox folder.

9. Advice Looking Through The Spam Folder

It is always recommended to check through the spam folder, educate your target audience to follow the same cycle at regular intervals so that they may never miss an update. It is necessary to check the IP address whether it is ever used by anyone else for spamming purposes or not. If your IP address is used for spam, then every email you send will land into the spam folder, no matter how hard you try.

The marketing strategy has drastically changed nowadays and email marketing plays a very important role in enhancing the sales of a company. As a result, it is very important that all your sales email reaches to the target customers.

If the important sales email lands in the junk or spam folder instead of target customers’ inbox then all the efforts that you make in drafting the email and the money spend on it goes to waste. Thus, it is very important to take care that all email reaches to the customers. As such, it is recommended to follow the above procedure to prevent emails from going to spam folder.


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