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5 Professional SEO Article Writing Secrets


The SEO articles and blogs form a crucial part of social media management. It is these blogs that bring major traffic to the websites. When you regularly post fresh content on the website, the chances of letting the potential customers know about you are at an all time rise. However, you cannot just throw a bunch of words and expect traffic on your website. So, here are 5 professional SEO article writing secrets that you all must know.

1. Keyword Research is Important

If you are posting content on your site, you must take steps to ensure that Google notices your content. So, take out time and research which phrases and keywords are being used by people. Draft a keyword spreadsheet for yourself and get to work.

2. Make Your Keyword Game Stronger

Gone are times, when stuffing your article with keywords was equivalent to SEO. Though, including keywords in your article is still very important however forced keywords don’t do much for you. So, be tactical and use your keywords wisely.

3. Write About Things That MatterSEO Article Writing Secrets

Before you write a blog or an article, ask yourself, ‘does anyone care about this?’ People need to want to read your stuff. If that’s not the case, your content will go unread. You are not writing to satiate Google Algorithms but for real people. So, whenever you begin to write something make sure you offer value to people.

4. Make it Long Enough

It is true that 100 words of fresh content is definitely better than no content at all. However, think for yourself, how much value can you deliver in 100 words? So, size up your content accordingly. Anything between 600-1000 words is long enough to offer sufficient value to the readers. In case, a subject requires more research write at least 1500 or 2000 words.

5. Edit it Before Publishing

Before you post anything online, make sure you read and re-read to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your content. Programs like Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and Google Docs can be helpful in this case.


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