Quick-Start Guide For Social Media Image Optimization


Whether it is a news update, video, brand promotion, or a meme the visual content is the most important thing about the social media. It has become vital these days to convey the brand message on social media effectively. In the digital world, the audience first sees the visual image of the brand. As the internet has improved a lot these days, it is no longer the case where you need to wait for several minutes to get the image loaded. You can really enjoy fast speed even on your mobile phones, which makes it easier as well as competitive at the same time. It’s important to realize social media image optimization impact as carries the power to make or break your brand identity. Here are some social media image optimization tips you may consider for yourself:

1. Be Specific for Sharing on Social Media

Facebook is the largest social network worldwide and has billions of active users. One bad choice of image can bring a difference in the engagement of the huge user base.

One thing you should remember while selecting the photos is the difference between how the photo is displayed on the personal timeline and how they are displayed in the user’s newsfeed. Choose the dimensions based on the majority of the viewers.

2. Defy Image Optimization For Every Platform

Pinterest prefers tall images, When you create your individual images, ensure the dimensions of the images are 735X 1102 pixels. The tall images in the Pinterest have more audiences in comparison to the square and the landscape images. The style can have room for the eye-catching visuals and descriptions.

For Instagram, prefer using a square image. When you create your individual images from Instagram, make sure the images are minimum of 900×900 pixels. Though it supports the portrait and the landscape images, the square images are the best. Also, the quality of the image does not get affected much, even when the image is resized.

3. Bigger Images are Better

For creating the visual content, the bigger images are better. Images are not scaled down because the social media networks resize the image when needed, they are adapted for performance on the network.

If the images are of a too small size, it may affect its quality so ensure to use the large images for better optimization. For the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest, horizontal images are the best choice.

You may make use of the ratio 16:9 and it is commonly known as the 1280×720 pixel size. Square works better on the Facebook though you can use the wider images to achieve a sophisticated look. Google+ uses the long images wherein the images are spread in all the columns.

4. Choose the Correct File Format

After determining the images you can use them for the respective social networks, but you need to decide on the file format as well to use it optimally. You can use any format from the most used list, such as PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

JPEG is a commonly used image format which also constitutes of a majority of web images hosted. The major advantage of using this particular image format is that it keeps the file sizes small and it can be supported in all the social media platforms.

When you do the simple art and animations, the best format that you can use is the GIF. This format supports 256 colors and so should not be used for the photorealistic and the photographic images. But, it cannot be used ideally for the company logos because of the small file size, also support the transparent backgrounds in this format avoids it from being used as an ideal.

5. Alt texts Could Make a Difference

The alternative texts are extremely vital for social media image optimization. It can be used for identifying the images. If you are facing problem to load the image, its alt text that helps you to show readers the intended description of the image.

Also, search engines are unable to read the images, they too rank them on the basis of alt text. A Secret, it empowers your SEO as well.

6. Consult Google, If You Get Lost!

As the Internet is growing and advancing day by day, things get outdated easily, so, its always good to consult Google after equal time intervals.

Readers always account a good user experience. Practicing the social media image optimization tips can master the skill. The more you practice it, easier it becomes for you!

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