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12+ Quora Statistics Marketers Need to Know For 2021


There are literally hundreds of platforms available today for marketers to promote their product or service, but which platform to choose is always a hard choice to make for marketers. Regardless of your domain, one of the best platforms you can’t ignore is QUORA. Most of you might disagree with that statement, but here let me try to convince you why should consider Quora seriously to grow your audience.

Before we discuss further, for the people who don’t know about Quora, it is a question and answer forum where users can ask and answer each other questions on all topics. Quora was launched in 2009, since then it has attracted all kind of audience like students, professionals, industry experts, domain experts, content marketers, journalist, etc. Quora is the marriage between social media and research.

So coming back to the topic, why should marketers consider Quora? Because Quora can get you high-quality traffic, help you boost your domain and page authority, connects you to your direct audience and help you learn more about your users.

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Still not convinced? No problem! Lets talk data, take a look at the statistics on Quora and take a call for yourself,

1. 300 Million Active Monthly Users

Quora has been gaining traction from day one. It might not be as big as Instagram or Facebook, but its active users are growing month-on-month. It has grown from 200 million monthly users in 2017 to almost 500 million monthly users in 2020.

2. Gender Ratio

Gender usage varies from platform to platform depending on its usage, and as of January 2019, Quora has 43–57 female to male ratio. If you are targeting female, Facebook or Instagram, you might be your go-to tool, but you are missing something big out here.

3. Mobile Traffic

There are no surprises when it comes to usage of mobile for accessing the internet and social media. Quora is no exception, with 75% of users accessing Quora through their phones.

4. US Market

Although, Quora has released a statement in the past that they don’t focus on expanding to a particular market, but rather focus on creating quality. Alexa report states that 35% of Quora users are from the USA market, which means if you are targeting the US market, you can’t ignore Quora.

5. Income Range

According to Quora’s B2B Marketing Guide, 54% of users who are using Quora has an annual household income greater than $100,000. So if you want to target users with high purchasing power, Quora should definitely be on your list.

6. Quora Ads

There are a lot of companies that are leveraging Quora Ads, especially in the B2B space. But do you know over 40% of ads spent on Quora are by B2C companies, surprising! right? Quora ads let you reach a large number of users who are looking for solutions or answers to their questions. You have an option to use Quora without paid ads too, but it’s worth giving it a shot.

7. Education

The majority of users Quora are well educated — over 65% of users have a college degree and 28% are graduates.

8. Designation

It is estimated that over 37% of Quora users are likely to be in a management position. If you are looking to reach the top decision-makers of companies, Quora is definitely a goto tool after LinkedIn

9. Time Spent

It is found that users who are above 18 years spend 2x time on Quora than LinkedIn. So if you wonder where your B2B users are spending time their time, here is your answer. If you can create informative content, then Quora can become your lead generation bank.

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10. Conversions

Do you know Quora Ads has 4x more conversions than any other platform? So do try running ads on Quora and see a whopping increase in traffic and leads for your business.

11. Solution Seekers

A report found that users prefer seeking information on Quora than sources like LinkedIn and the Wall Street Journal. And, we have already established the fact that Quora users are highly educated and have good purchasing power. So if you can create informative content on a relevant topic, there is no better platform than Quora to acquire users.

12. Search Traffic

Alexa reports that 63% of traffic to Quora comes from search engines like Google and Bing. It is important to create content that is relevant and unique, so the search engine ranks up your answers for the users who are searching for the relevant information.

13. Website Ranking

Quora ranks 80th on global traffic rank by Alexa. The ranking will vary based on daily users, page views, search engine presence, time spent on site, etc. So for a site which is top 100, Quora speaks for itself.


I believe these data are more than enough to convince you of using Quora as a marketing platform. But still, in case you are wondering “It isn’t my cup of tea”, then just try exploring your competition. I’m pretty sure that they are ahead of you and already using the platform to reap benefits. So, don’t wait… It’s time to hustle after learning these Quora statistics for 2021!

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