View Easy-To-Understand Analytics Into Your Emails

Real-Time Email Tracking & Scheduling with MailTag


MailTag is an all-in-one tool that is a solution to your every e-mail problem. It allows you to use interesting features like e-mail tracking, scheduling, and auto follow-up. The best part is, it’s surprisingly easy to use at the fraction of the effort.

Automate Your Email Follow-Ups (Free)

It offers unlimited real-time tracking, you receive instant updates and history about when the recipient opens the tagged mail. Not just when they have accessed your mail down to the time it was opened but also when the accessed the links within your mail. This creates a great follow up a scope, instead of waiting for a standard convention time and assuming their daily routine you know when they accessed the email.
Mailtag’s graphic line chart makes it easy to record the track performance of the regularity in terms of open rate, link-click view rate and more. This really helps in closing prospective deals faster and more efficiently.

Unlimited Email Scheduling (Free)
Another interesting feature provision is the concept of email scheduling. This really works well as a secondary step once you analyze the real-time e-mail tracking chart, you can schedule emails to be delivered as per the optimum time frame for an open rate. This ensures first preference and quick communication. This scheduling tool also helps overcome time frame issue that may arise due to multiple time zones and different locations.

You can actually schedule the time zone according to the location in which the mail is to be delivered along with the date and time. It gets better, any change of heart or last minute changes can be easily adjusted before the send date if you change your mind. This is perfect for marking down important dates and reminders.

View Easy-To-Understand Analytics Into Your Emails
A little fun note here: you can also do something like schedule emails to yourself, remind yourself about meetings, appointments or even your grocery list if you are the forgetful sort like most.

You could also save a lot of time and effort by using the automatic email follow-up process. You would never have to send another manual to follow up again. This feature works great in terms of improving email reply rates and you can conveniently customize you automated follow-up.

Track Unlimited Emails In Real-Time (Free)
Along with all of this, Mailtag also offers a free dashboard that you can use for tracking your average email open-rate, link-click rate, and other relevant information about your emails. Yes, all for free.

Installing Mailtag on your chrome makes your daily work relationship hassle and stress-free. It’s a quick easy solution at the cost of absolutely nothing. Still reading, download MailTag for your chrome today!


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