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5 Reasons Why Business Should Use Podcasting for Growth


As we all know that a podcast is a digital audio file which is made available on the internet for download so that the user can enjoy a series of entertainment and information through audio access.

There are millions of ways to promote your business online and one of many is podcast. Grabbing traffic to your business website is very crucial, you may use Facebook, Twitter or Google searches to drive traffic, but if you are not yet adapting to the changing world of audio, you are missing a great opportunity I guess.

A brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audiences, in the right way!

Let’s just think out of the box, the traditional image/video versions of updates are the practices which are done by almost every other business, and in 2018, posting these are never enough to impress your target audience. Like everyone else, even they need a spice of new content. This spice could be your own business podcast series!

Communication is the key to success for every business, you need to tell your story, be open to the customers and connect your brand in such a way that it becomes a habit for them. And the podcast is another great way of communicating with your audience! It helps in building an endless source of ideas and something ‘new’ for your customers or subscribers. The podcast is something that comes quite handy, you can listen to it while driving or cooking or doing household chores! And people love to do this, as per a study, 44% of Americans listen to the podcast while completing there day to day tasks, and insights also claim that businesses that have podcasts tend to have more loyal and educated customers as compared to who don’t, it helps the customer to relate to the business in a much more broader and better way!

Here are some reasons why you must go for the podcast along with your business:

1. Builds a Better and Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Podcast plays a huge role in building relations because when you communicate with your target audience, they tend to understand you better and a much more strong bond is created. Which not only helps the business to grow but also helps the audience to grab an insightful approach towards the brand’s functional domain.

When you build a relationship with your customers through the podcast, it helps them to get a better view of entertainment, information, and knowledge. They could now relate to your perspective of your brand on a broader edge. They value you more and the image created in their mind becomes very positive when you communicate and tell a story which they can hear in series. Which leads to consumer loyalty towards the brand.

2. Personal Attention to the Audience

As discussed in the above point, you tend to get better customers when you communicate with them, and so as to communicate with them in a better way, you need to get personal and tell and ask them questions about there lives and the questions related to your topic.

You can put your ideas in this, ask if they have any queries about the brand or product, play some creative games on audio, or let them ask some questions through Q&A sessions.

3. A Traffic Bonus

When you are able to finally connect with your customers, they become habitual of you. With your audios, you have created an impact on the mindset of your audience, which will definitely help you to generate traffic both on your channel and brand.

The more you give them good stuff to listen to, the more traffic you will be able to generate.

As listening to podcasts is a hands-free job, you just connect your earplugs and can continue your work while listening to the audios. Isn’t that amazing!

4. A New Revenue Funnel

When to get attention from your audience, they get attracted to the brand and tend to follow your product and podcasts. So when your brand gets attention, your motive is fulfilled, and you may start generating a stable income from it.

On the other hand, you can earn from your podcasts too, by offering promotions and advertising, by using affiliate marketing, it’s somewhat similar to YouTube, but with audios.

5. Good for Company’s Engagement

At times, when you start building a brand, you tend to lose the focus on your employees. Podcasting will help you to overcome this, as they could also find a connection for themselves and also, you may ask them to express their experiences, stories that took place while making the brand on the backend.

With this, the involvement of team members will increase and they will feel as the part of the brand.

A Great Way to Develop Relationships with Hard to Reach People is Get to their Ears and they’ll listen!

Still asking Why business should use podcasting? Stop thinking and start podcasting now, it doesn’t require huge investments but gives amazing returns both in monetary and non-monetary ways!


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