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Apply These 7 Useful Sales Funnel Strategy Tips to Increase Your ROI


What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is defined as a buying process that ideally persuades companies to guide customers from awareness of an offer to their actual purchase. The process goes as follows: Awareness — Evaluation — Conversion. Customers are brought into these three levels of a buyer’s journey in a manner where companies allow customers:

  • To know about them at first,
  • To evaluate all the information companies provide them
  • And make a firm buying decision based on the content presented to them.

Unlike earlier days, where people used to rely on whatever their salesman or saleswomen pitched about the products. As a result of developed technology and the internet, the public can easily find any information that they need regarding a product or service from search engines like Google. Customers today can go to the internet whenever they want to know more about a product or service they’re deciding to buy. The main objective of a sales funnel strategy is to attain a potential lifetime customer value while minimizing costs. The following are a few useful sales funnel tips you can employ to amplify your ROI –

1. Acknowledge the Customer’s Viewpoint

Before beginning with anything else, you should always keep your customer’s perspective in mind. Be clear with the some of the most important questions like –

  • What purpose your product/service solve?
  • What are the clever tricks that will make the customers buy your products?
  • The emotions of the customers would experience while buying.
  • What could probably be the reason for not buying your services and products?

A successful sales funnel strategy always considers the viewpoint of a customer. The correct knowledge of what your buyer’s point of view along with their pain points can help you lead them through the entire buying procedure.

2. Acquiring the Understanding to Attract Customers

Having the correct knowledge about the common problems and hesitations that customers might have regarding your products or services, you may take the next step by keeping these things in mind. Contemplate on the ways on how you can outperform your competitors through your lead magnet and eye-catching landing page.

Find your company’s exclusive enthralling features that are yet to be discovered by your fiercest competitor. Using that, employ words that a customer can easily relate. Have a copy that your buyer can easily comprehend and guide them through their every stage of buying.

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3. Motivate Action

Once the prospects have already landed on your page, they usually avoid giving out their emails for something that they have never signed up for earlier. Whatsoever promises you have on your lead magnet, deliver it in truth without attempting them to accord something else. Your goal is to bring people from awareness to evaluation to conversion.

If you slip in giving whatever they’re expecting on each stage, then they’ll move out of the funnel before your knowledge. Remember that the ultimate objective is to make them buy your primary product or service.

4. Construct a Content Plan That Knows About the Needs of The Customer at Each Stage of the Funnel

From crafting your lead magnet and landing page to printing an active copy, your words should always aim at making prospects bright to take the next step. This is because they feel that they’re in the right place for getting more information before they can decide what to buy.

The lead magnet, as well as the landing page along with your follow up emails, should be focussed towards satisfying the customer in every stage of your sales funnel strategy.

5. Develop an Appealing Lead Magnet

From a customer’s viewpoint, what exactly makes you click on an advertisement on a networking site like Facebook or even Google? Is it the outline of the logo or the impact of the headline?

A lead’s magnet powerful headline which is also your landing page’s headline will make or break the connection you want to achieve from a prospect. A powerful headline encourages them to make an action that improves their quality of life by selecting services of their need and utility.

6. Ensure an Effective Copy

An impressive copy focuses on providing the benefits which the customers are going to experience one they buy your product or service. It will only hurt you if you advertise much more about your products than they prove to be. Use of a clear and simple language that highlights your buyer, their hesitations, and the ideal solutions is mandatory.

Once you acquire their trust then it wouldn’t be a challenge to showcase that you have those solutions in real.

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7. Take Timely Updates On Your Funnel

It is essential to always check your funnel. Have a review of the elements that work and do not work. When you put several funnels in the same place, highlight the ones that get the maximum conversions. Cut the ones that do not help in fetching money. Limelight on those which rises up the sales. Carefully follow the clicks, the conversion rates, the audience trend with the most positive responses. All these points will guide you on which areas which you should put forward for marketing policies.

The customer’s requirements are always evolving, and so are the processes of the sales funnel strategy development. The essential aim is to match with your buyers’ expectations. The sales funnel tips listed above will surely help you to cope with the competitive market and bring out your best.


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