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SEMrush Review 2020: Is this SEM Tool Worth it?


SEMrush is a popular SEO software with equipped tools for social media monitoring, website audits, SERP rank tracking, and much more. But how efficient is it? Let’s discover the scope through the SEMrush review. SEMrush is known as the best SEM tool for its competitive analysis feature, providing users with valuable information about your competition such as data about link building, display advertising, organic and paid search.

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This information helps you to see the way the competitors are performing and further, in deciding the SEO strategies to fetch better ROI. This SEM tool could also show you why your website is performing poorly, helping you avoid low-performance campaigns and focusing on developing new sources.

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Why Use SEMrush?

There’s not just one reason, there are many. You can use the proprietary tools of SEMrush to compare different domains in the market and estimate the behavior to enhance your rankings against the ones of your competitors. The process does not take a long time and the data is showcased in just within a few clicks when you sign up for the tool. Further, here are a few key advantages we would like to showcase in this SEMrush review,

1. Fit For SEO Strategies

The tool primarily focuses on SEO analysis of the website and helps you increase business rankings on search engine results. It recommends the steps that you may take for improving your present rankings. This app can offer you an audit on the backlinks too. This further helps to differentiate between the backlinks that are working and should be maintained against the ones that you should remove.

2. PPC Centric

Using this tool for improving your PPC or pay-per-click campaigns is an ideal use case. It studies your ad strategy and gives you recommendations on cross groups and keywords, further, tracks conversations and performs real-time keyword search analysis on various queries.

3. Helps You Grow Organically

It can help you in website content development by keeping you updated on the latest topics and offerings on engaging high-performance data. The tool is focused on helping you locate new promotional opportunities in building the reputation of your website in front of search engines. Information that you collect through SEMrush is presented through reports and helpful charts which again, is a great time saver. You may compare domains to visualize the data clearly.

PRO TIP. To gain more traffic, try understanding keywords that your competitors rank for.

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When you enter any domain name in a SEMrush you can see the overall screen, which shows traffic and other key metrics. You may download a report produced either as a PDF or can change the dates in order to see the progress over the previous years. It is great to know against whom you are competing. If you find them above you in a search result you can analyze the content and see whether you can optimize the content for more rankings or not.

5. Optimum Competitor Analysis

Initially, you can enter your competitor’s name and choose its location. If your competitors rank higher for the keywords, which are relevant to your business then you should try to gain that traffic.

PRO TIP. If you appear nowhere on a relevant keyword, write an article that focuses on those keywords and try ranking for it.

6. Helps in Measuring the ‘Gap’

SEMRush performs the analysis and finds out the other companies that rank with similar keywords. Depending on the list, you will be able to estimate the traffic the companies receive from their top keywords. This overlap is called Gap analysis.

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7. Real-time Rank Tracking

It is important to see your ranking in the search results. SEMRush helps you to input the keywords or load set of keywords from a file. SEMrush will periodically check the listed keywords and update the view in the respective order.

8. Focuses on Building Opportunities

There are websites that pay for traffic and Google AdWords is quite expensive. In SEMRush, this can be done very easily. It looks at the keywords and displays the top ad keyword along with the sample ad from the source.

Who is SEMrush for?

SEMrush is an ideal SEM tool suitable for:

  • Entrepreneurs who do their individual SEO
  • In-house marketers for small and mid-size businesses
  • Enterprise companies
  • SEO consultants and agencies

In SEMrush review, the tool offers a lot of information on various aspects where the volume of information is huge. This is great for many, though some may suffer from an overload of information. It is a great way of finding out new partnerships and opportunities within companies, which could help you save money on a lot of keywords.

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e.g, Search out the relevant companies and contact them to know whether they are interested to put their ads on your website. This is particularly successful when you find out they are spending a huge amount of money on ads for keywords. As these companies are spending a large amount on Google ads, you shall be in a position where you can negotiate good rates.

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The Verdict

The final verdict of this SEMrush review is that it’s a great SEM tool that businesses can avail gain an edge in the market. It accumulates information on the competitors such as rankings and keywords and then presents it in a way which is understandable. You may track important SEO data including search engine position, social media mentions, and backlinks etc. very easily with it.

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It can be highly valuable for analyzing individual performance as well as that of competitors. To begin with, you can avail the free trial of this tool. If you discover that it will benefit you in various means, then it’s a good deal to make the purchase. Also, you can use their API whenever you wish to access data externally from it.

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