how does seo impact a business

6 SEO Mistakes to Avoid to get Better Rankings


SEO – the magic bridge between any brand or business and success! Any business cannot flourish or gain precedence in the web market today without having a firm hold of SEO rankings. Small businesses, start-ups, online service companies, niche businesses and even locally exclusive companies need SEO for all the right reasons discussed in the previous blog SEO Impact on business.
Moving on from the need, one also has to take care of utilizing this powerful tool in the right manner. That’s why; we bring to you, easy and decoded ways to stop committing the SEO mistakes. Have a close read, keep in check of the things you were missing and start afresh with SEO!

  • Dependency on Google AdWords

There is no doubt about the fact that Google AdWords is the biggest repository of keywords which you must use in your SEO. But before getting entirely dependent on these tools, make sure you untick the option of Broad Match, so you do not fall prey to useless keywords.

  • Choose The Right Lingo

Sometimes, the language used for keywords by industry experts and technicians create a wide gap between their connection with the users.
A simple example would be that your customers would look for “fancy shoes” but not for “customizable suede shoes.” So, here is where you need to keep a check on your lingo and make sure you use words that are understandable and relatable for your audience.

seo impact on business

  • Linking Must Be Done Right

With SEO spread over the content on your web page and website, your audience should be able to find some easily accessible links which are ranked by SEO. Never forget to link your site from the search page and then create internal links. This ensures your customers do not feel lost in the web.

  • Choose The Right Tools

There are a plethora of SEO tools now live and available. You have to make a smart choice while choosing one. We must also suggest that do not completely depend on Google webmaster tools, instead use your analytics and data for search engine optimization.

  • Broaden The Horizon Of Keywords

Keywords are not just which interest your audience and root them back to you, but keywords could also be terms which are relatable to your product/brand.
For example, if you are a firm manufacturing and selling plastic bottles, then for you the horizon of keywords is not limited to “plastic” and “plastic bottles.” Research and broaden the keyword horizon and also incorporate keywords like “safe plastic” or “reusable plastic bottle.”

  • And last, but not the least, Never Stuff SEO Keywords.

Not only makes this content very dull, mechanical and annoying for the readers, but it can also cause Google to reject your listing from the search domain.
With that being said we hope you understand and steer clear of these common SEO mistakes and boost your business in the right way! If you feel, you need a hand there, just feel free to get in touch.


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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I’m new to online marketing, and this is really helpful! Since getting started, I’ve been bombarded by “spin writers” and such to create a TON of content quickly, but you seem to say that these search engines have become sophisticated enough to determine when your content is crap. Am I understanding that right?

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