How to Setup CloudFlare CDN on Siteground Hosting Within a Minute


A CDN or content delivery network is the backbone of the internet which delivers content efficiently depending on your geographical location. It’s always recommended to use a CDN for your website as it reduces database requests for better responsiveness.

You can always have a CDN for your website but Siteground is providing CloudFlare option in its cPanel which means you can enable it with just a few clicks. Though many people face some technical problems, Siteground hosting makes it easy enough that almost no technical knowledge is required.

Step 1: Head straight to your Cpanel and look for the site improvement tool section. Click on the Cloudflare icon when you see it.

Setup CloudFlare CDN on Siteground

Step 2: When a new page opens, you’ll see the list of your domains. You just need to select on which, you want to enable the CDN. Click on the “Activate Free” button you alongside your domain name.
Setup CloudFlare on SitegroundStep 3: A popup will show up which will ask you about your Cloudflare account. Initially, it will show you Siteground email account. If you are having any other email ID on your Cloudflare account, just enter it and click Proceed.

how to Setup CloudFlare CDN on Siteground

Step 4: Next, you’ll be asked to check whether your website works with “www” or not. If not, then you have to reconfigure the settings. This means, that your website should open with “www” and without it. Though it’s not asking for a “non-www” URL, you should have it working properly.

Now, click “Yes” button.

how to Setup CloudFlare on Siteground
Step 5:
Now the system will check if your website is accessible with “www” or not. If it is, within a few minutes, your CDN will get activated. You can easily check the status of your domain under your panel.

CloudFlare on Siteground
You can manage individual options on your hosting, if you wish to change a few settings. The complete process might sound big, but it’s really simple to do and ideally should not take more than a minute.

If you are using any other web hosting, I’ll recommend you using Siteground Web Hosting as it has major features like SSL/HTTP2, Free Backups, SSD Storage, Supercacher, unmatched 24/7 support and much more.


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  1. Well written and simple Amarpreet. I have an account on Cloudflare already which i was using before i moved to Siteground. Do i delete the account?

    1. Thanks for appreciation Kanyi, you need not to delete the account, instead you may easily shift your domain setting to the one you desire.

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