Siteground Grow Big Review 2020 (Worth it?)


Decided to opt with Siteground? But don’t know which hosting plan to go with… Startup or GrowBig or GoGeek?, You like GrowBig as it’s one which covers almost every average resource, but still… confused? Well, no worries. In this post, we’ll guide you with a detailed Siteground Grow Big Review to help you finalize your decision on whether to go forward with this plan or choose another one. Let’s start,


1. StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek

You may also check it out on the official features page


Rest, our Siteground Grow big review goes way more than just telling the above-mentioned features and includes tips (outside of hosting) on making your site load faster to the end users. Especially, if you got WordPress.

2. Grow Big is Good if…

  • You want to host more than one website on the hosting
  • You desire to use Supercacher to charge up your loading time (faster websites)
  • You want to avail 20GB storage instead of 10GB which comes with Startup Plan
  • You desire to use 1-click backup offered by Siteground and restore tool to make this easier
  • You receive less than 25,000 visits per month and do not require a lot of resources to run your website/blog
  • You want priority support where tickets generally get addressed in less than 10 minutes

3. You May Choose GoGeek if…

  • You want semi-dedicated solution for your web hosting which offers even more resources
  • You desire to use staging, which allows you to test designs/code on a demo site
  • You want to avail professional backup restore service with a priority support
  • You want PCI compliance with your eCommerce website which offers prevention against credit card frauds

4. Host Unlimited Sites as per Your Usage

With the Siteground Grow Big plan, you can most multiple websites at the same host at no additional costs. Cost-effective, right? But be sure that you don’t overuse the system CPU limits as they might shut down your website temporarily (happens with every host). The best part here is, that Siteground’s support helps in getting the site up again at zero additional cost (apart from the upgrade).

A few tips to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you,

  • Use Cloudflare or MaxCDN to offload CPU Usage
  • Use AwStats in your Cpanel to monitor the usage
  • Use image compression to save bandwidth and speed up your site
  • Avoid the use of heavy plugins or extensions
  • Use the WordPress Heartbeat Control Plugin to prevent resource consumption on your server

5. More Server Resources Than Startup Plan

You might be thinking right now, “It’s obvious that Siteground will offer more resources, but they are charging even more for the same”, right? It’s not exactly the case. By the term that Grow Big plans offer more resources, we mean here that you’re sharing servers with FEWER websites, and more resources are dedicated to providing good hosting experience to YOURS. The Siteground GrowBig plan comes with almost about 2x more server resources than the StartUp one.

Here’s the list of detailed features to help see how many server resources you get with each plan,

6. eCommerce Features: SSL Offered by Let’s Encrypt And Wildcard

Let’s Encrypt Free SSL — all plans come with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL that you can find and activate in your cPanel.

Wildcard SSL — GrowBig and GoGeek include a wildcard SSL, instead of a Let’s Encrypt one, with a Free 1-year subscription which secures your site and it’s respective subdomains while giving you a site seal to showcase to the end users. After one year, it will cost you $89 per year.

Shopping Carts — You get the support of all major shopping carts in your hosting. You can also read through their merchant account solutions to learn about processing payments for your eCommerce website.

PCI compliance — This is only included with the GoGeek plan. It helps you prevent credit frauds on your website by unifying payments using 12 diverse requirements.

7. Optimizing For Speed: How Fast Can it Get?

Many website owners claim that their Siteground website loads up in less than 1 second. This is because of the reason that SiteGround’s speed technology uses NGINX servers, SSDs, HTTP/2, PHP7 enabled servers and a “stack” that is way faster than any other host available.


At the end of this Siteground Grow Big, I would say that it actually has got the best value considering you get all this for just a few bucks more per month.

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