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SiteGround Hosting Review: A True Verdict From Different Aspects


SiteGround Hosting is a renowned web hosting company that was established in the year 2004. It has its headquarter in Bulgaria and provides server hosting services throughout the world. It provides a high-quality hosting solution that ranges from Linux hosting to cloud hosting. SiteGround Hosting is one of the fastest growing hosting companies and is being highly used by many companies across the globe.

siteground review

SiteGround Hosting Review : Overview

It is seen that SiteGround Hosting is very popular among a large section of the business community. You can get many user-generated reviews online that are basically based on anecdotes and personal experience. Based on the feedback from the millions of users, the following Pros are can be stated as:

Pros: Why You Should Use it?

  • Speed and Performance: SiteGround Hosting offers one of the fastest web hosting servers worldwide. When a user requests something on their server, it sends the requested file to the web browser. The special thing here is that it sends the first byte of the first file in almost 0.397 sec. Thus, it greatly affects the performance of your website.
  • Strong Features: Web servers offer a strong set of features offering unlimited databases along with huge email accounts, it too delivers a FREE SSL Certificate along with your plan bookings. Also, by offering daily backups, you may assure all safety in your hands.
  • Customer Support: You can call their customer support at any time and ask for help. They’re highly active & help you understand plus, resolve even the tiniest issue.
  • Transparency: The best thing about SiteGround Hosting is that they are 100 percent transparent with all their terms and condition. They are straightforward and never keep any hidden charges or hidden disclosure. Thus, there is no space for any disputes.
  • Easy to use: It has a simple signup process and pleasant user experience. In their main navigation, you can find an uptime monitor. Apart from that, you can also find the IP addresses of all their data centers which help you to test their speed from your own geographic location without requiring to sign up your account.

However, some negative feedbacks are also found from people who are using SiteGround Hosting. No hosting in the world is perfect, SiteGround Hosting is also not an exception. From the various negative feedbacks, some of the SiteGround Hosting cons are pointed out as follows:

Cons: Why You Should Ignore it?

  • Though it provides daily backup services for free, in the real sense of the term it is not very useful. As such, it is important that Hosting should go for a premium backup service to have a more reliable backup system.
  • Several customers have complained that SiteGround Hosting has a limited plan and that is one of the major disadvantages of it. Instead of having a database or domain, Siteground has a very limited disk space.
  • SiteGround Hosting only allows one migration after that it starts charging for migrating one host to another. But in the market, there are many hosting services that allow migration many times. So, many customers get tempted to avail those hosting services that allow more migration for free.

siteground cons and pros

SiteGround Hosting can be said as a hidden gem in web hosting market. Though it has some minor niggles yet it has been providing excellent service to the whole world through its innovative, fast, and outstanding web hosting services. I highly recommend using Siteground!

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