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Siteground vs Godaddy Review: Which Web Hosting to Choose?


There’s a lot which goes on when we discuss the topic of Siteground vs Godaddy review, while there can be numerous factors to account into considerations, here are a few important ones.


GoDaddy is one of the topmost domain hosting companies and thus it can’t be underestimated in the industry. It is the largest ICANN accredited registrar and this is the reason behind its gaining popularity. However, things can change if you consider comparing with SiteGround hosting service. (Here’s an in-depth Godaddy hosting review)

SiteGround is known for its reliability and client-oriented solutions. Therefore, let’s differentiate the two hosting site and figure out the best to fulfill your requirement.

Determining the Performance of Godaddy

Being one of the most popular hosting sites, most people consider purchasing a domain from Godaddy. But, before making such a move you must be aware of the working procedures to understand the platform. Godaddy often limits your email addresses, databases and memory. It may offer you unlimited bandwidth but from the aspect of storage, you definitely need to pay extra. The unlimited storage plans cost more than SiteGround and most of the time fails to meet the safety features. This means you need to have a strong financial condition if you consider expanding the storage for your website. However, in the case of SiteGround unlimited options are provided by default.

godaddy performance

When it comes to establishing perspective impression Godaddy sores a bit higher than other hosting sites. Naturally, for the website owners, it becomes hard to leave the choice. However, things may change if they decide to move the particular domain to another hosting site. Now, in the process of transfer, some harmful bugs may come up. It is the responsibility of the hosting site to care for the issue and fix the same as soon as possible. In the case of Godaddy, it won’t come to your help and thus, the process of migration will be interrupted unnecessarily. This annoying situation can hamper your business as well as the functionality of the website.

godaddy speed

Also, Godaddy is known for its data restriction. Yes, this enhances the security but can be a big problem while incorporating various web forms, auto-generated content and accessing the emails. It takes contact in the form of spam and thus, you need to go through a detailed tutorial to make the process easier. Now, during this process, if you confront any issue and consider taking the help of customer service, things may change after a long period. This is because Godaddy is also known for its slow customer assistance. This may not be a major problem for well-established corporations but remember they don’t make up the world. Therefore, you need to consider every business owner and how the hosting site can be beneficial.

Discovering the Exceptional Features of SiteGround

Most of the hosting sites come up with a number of solutions, exclusive packages, and deals. Each of them is uniquely tailored to meet the requirements of clients without giving fake promises. This is where SiteGround comes into play. It is considered the best because it can deliver a service just as mentioned in the description.

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Considering the fast age Internet, a website gets value on the basis of speed. If the migration of the website is slow due to hosting issues, a business can lose the game before even starting. SiteGround is a reliable hosting site that offers great speed to build remarkable websites. The company is located in different countries and thus, connectivity never becomes an issue. SiteGround has offices and servers in London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Milan, and Singapore. The hosting site takes the advantage in prioritizing the free features and thus, it invest on the same. This means, along with the hosting you can avail a number of free features which are applicable in terms of Godaddy. Furthermore, a business owner can avail unlimited database and email accounts. It is important to mention that the site perform daily backup and the options of admin menu always come on the cPanel along with maintaining the standard of the industry.

siteground vs godaddy review

For the first year, SiteGround offers free transfers and domain along with site development. This makes the site recognizable on a worldwide basis. As mentioned earlier, that safety plays a major role for any website, SiteGround keeps tight vigil for 24/7. This is possible only because the company is located at six different locations in the world. This means a business owner can expect high-performance service from SiteGround. These features are really important for a company that values its investment.

Also, when it comes to SiteGround, it is known for its quality support. Managing a website is a massive task. Things can go haywire anytime if proper support is not provided by the hosting site. This means you can fix the technical issues in no time. SiteGround works with professional, flawless and friendly technicians that are known to solve any kind of complex issues.

Siteground vs Godaddy Review (Facebook Polls)

We all know, that the best judge is always the audience. We conducted various Facebook polls on our official Facebook group and many others to see what is the opinion of the people. Here’s the insight,






Pros vs Cons

Here’s a list for your final review to help you make the final decision.

Godaddy Pros

  • Decent for starter websites but could harm if traffic growth rapidly
  • Tons of products + add-ons to choose from
  • Support team based in Arizona
  • Support is good no matter your plan
  • Largest domain registrar on internet

SiteGround Pros

  • Servers are much faster and reliable
  • Better uptime technology
  • Actively involved in WordCamps
  • Respected in WordPress community and preferred by many professional bloggers
  • Priority support is best in the industry
  • Good for people who do their research
  • Amazing security protection towards your data norms with ongoing updates
  • If migration is what you are thinking of, SiteGround will migrate you for free
  • Avail access to cPanel demo before buying







Godaddy Cons

  • Site speed not always reliable
  • No live chat support, just help forum
  • A custom hosting panel can be confusing
  • Priced Higher
  • Shared plans can only host up to 5 sites
  • Unethical policies for internet freedom
  • SEO add-on won’t do anything at all
  • Not favored in WordPress community

SiteGround Cons

  • Limited disk space can be caused by hosting too many images, plugins, or any files (most of the times is OK for most websites though.








So, who wins the Siteground vs Godaddy review war? Clearly, it’s Siteground. It is also considered to be the best both from the aspects of WordPress installation and affordability. Therefore, Siteground is the only platform that stands appropriate for the diverse requirement of various websites.

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