How to Market a Business with No Money

Small Business Marketing Guide: How to Market a Business with No Money


The big and reputed brands that are usually armed with huge marketing, as well as advertising funds, for them, one or several hundred thousand is nothing for their monthly marketing budget. Nonetheless, the story becomes different for the small business owners as their every single hundred counts.

For more rigorous campaigns, an investment does require yielding in immediate and real ROI. But the question that arises is, ‘Is it possible to accomplish marketing strategy in a limited budget?’ However, according to the experts, you can distribute a mere minimum of 10,000 INR and sometimes even lesser than this, and can still have a strong marketing plan which can aid in growing your business.

Following are some ways which can help you solve the mystery of how to market a business with no money or on a very low budget:

1. Opt for Guerrilla!

Guerilla marketing turns to be the primary thing when it comes to this small business marketing guide as it can influence imagination, creativity, and originality in lieu of a huge budget. A smart and small business that has a limited budget habitually makes use of guerrilla marketing for competing with the big companies. There isn’t any shortage of creative guerrilla marketing strategies and here are a few examples:

  • When you possess a brick and mortar site, then you must pay someone for creating eye-catching art with the help of a chalk.
  • When you are selling an item which can be utilized on the street, then hire undercover agents for endorsing your product to the potential customers directly. For instance, Sony employed agents to ask the strangers to click their photographs and then they babbled about their camera.
  • Establish a flash mob for garnering crowd attention and endorsing awareness regarding your brand.

2. Develop Cherished Content

A potential customer doesn’t only prefer excellent content, but Google too. There are several ways through which you can share information, like by creating videos, blogging, designing infographics, submitting articles to the authority sites online, and certainly, by hosting podcasts. With them, you not only gain authority in the form of an expert, but you get free traffic too.

small business marketing guide

Additionally, you can also become a guest blogger for a complementary website. You need not to have to create the content yourself and for this job, you can hire the services of a graphic designer, personal assistant, or a freelance writer via websites, such as Fiverr, Upwork etc. Again, if you run out of ideas, then you can repurpose old contents and provide them new spins.

3. Contests and Giveaways

This is a fact that everyone loves free gifts. Hence, you can provide fun and desirable items for gaining goodwill, develop brand awareness and get connected to potential customers. However, they don’t require being costly. Even, things, like white papers, checklists, or online ebooks would serve your purpose well.

Additionally, you can endorse your items via Facebook groups where the members approve to give your product a try for free or at times, at a discounted cost for an honest review. Again, physical gifts along with your advertising on it, like key chains, smartphone wipes, balloons, pens, notepads, fridge magnets are gaining huge popularity these days. If you wish, you can also develop marketing impacts by turning your marketing process fun, attractive, and interesting.

4. Influence Scalable Advertising Channels

The contemporary advertising mediums, like radio, television, and newspaper advertisements can turn out to be highly costly and tough to measure effectuality. On the other hand, online advertising can be more targeted and cheaper.

how to promote business without money

The well-known choices are Facebook ads and Google pay-per-click ads. Again, you can’t ignore to list your business in the online directories, such as Google Business for free. You can also endorse your latest services and products via these cost-effective and free processes like:

  • A telephone message which plays your endorsements when customers remain on hold.
  • Sending birthday coupons, holiday discounts, and surprise rewards.
  • Bumper stickers and car magnets that display your advertising when you drive all around the town.
  • Window deals that advertise your latest offer when you have got a retail shop.
  • Endorsing on letterheads and email signatures.

5. Piggybank Your Partners

If your business is small with a confined marketing budget, then it makes sense to make a partnership with other complementary businesses. The businesses that you can comprise include vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers. In these circumstances, both of you can win with the success of your business and again, there will be chances of credibility when another business would recommend you.

How to Market a Business

For instance, you can exchange the lists of customers and propose to pay a commission to the business for every sale that you make. For this, you just have to make sure that you have got requested permission from your customers for sharing their details! When you wish for direct mail marketing, then you must propose to share postage costs besides including your flyer with other businesses mail. Again, if the other business is armed with a physical retail space, then you can ask it to put your business card in the waiting area of the customers.

You must always remember that word of mouth is highly effective when it matters zero on marketing, so, you can easily seek partners in your present customer base. You can develop a referral rewards program and here, you can reward your customers for referrals.

6. Taking Help of the Media

When you get your business presented by the media then it is called free marketing. In order to capture the media’s attention, you must attempt to do the following:

  • Develop a publicity stunt and you can think of some crazy ones.
  • Contribute to the community besides sending out a press release before the event. For instance, some advanced hairdressers offer free haircut proposals to the homeless.
  • Be a benefactor of an event by donating your services or products in the form of prizes and giveaways for hosting a contest.
  • Recommend yourself for an award or business content, and when you win, then certainly, it is better!

small business social media marketing

However, you should never miss the chance to get interviewed for print, television, and radio. For hunting for opportunities to back your expertise, you can sign up to the email list.

7. Aiding Yourself by Serving Others

Your marketing ought to be of some use to your customers. There are several ways which can develop your marketing labors a comfortable intrusion in place of an annoyance to them. For this, you can attempt to do the following things:

  • Deliver effective information as information marketing has turned out to be very effective in augmenting sales. When you can educate your audience on problems which they care about then you aren’t only developing the base of your customers, but also placing yourself as a remedy. For doing this, you can host an event, a Meetup group, an online webinar, or even a class.
  • Propose assistance — You can also answer questions that have been posted on websites, like Quora and forums to direct your customers to your site for more info. There are many online directories which list an entire variety of forums to help you.
  • Amuse your audience and make them cry or laugh. You can also think of having heart-touching and funny advertisements as they tap in the emotional intellect of your audience.


Hope this small business marketing guide is helpful to you. Further, For marketing your brand, the points mentioned above are always influential towards your target industry. There are chances that you have already started making a few steps towards the right direction.

The fact is marketing your business well when you have a limited budget is entirely possible. But, for this, you must be a little patient and give yourself as well as your customers’ time for discovering and appreciating your brand. Again, you have to be creative too and your thinking should be out of the box.

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