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20 Social Media Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed in 2018


Social networking sites keep coming up with new features in their respective platforms to keep the zeal and interest of the people constant. It can be a difficult task to cope up with the change of every minute feature of these social media platforms, especially if no big announcements are made regarding implementation of the changes and updates.

For example, were you aware that you can reorder the sections of your Facebook business page? It has already been made possible to embed a SlideShare presentation directly into a tweet.

These are all features that have been introduced, and we are sure you were not aware of them. There are varieties of things that your favorite social networking sites can do which have been forgotten and fallen off the tracks. To help you discover these fantastic features, we have come up with 20 less known social media hacks that you should be aware in 2018.


1. Create Polls in a Facebook Event or Group

Although Facebook has removed the poll feature of status updates which were applicable on any business page, you can still try out with the polls in groups or in events. All you have to do is to select the ‘Ask a Question‘ tab followed by ‘Add poll‘ option.

You can now bookmark your favorite articles and read them later at any time of the day.

3. Replace Boring Facebook Ads with Baby Animals

It’s quite annoying to sit back and watch a boring Facebook banner adds. Baby animal blocker is probably the best solution for the adds that you were trying to avoid for long.

4. Find Targeted Conversions

This is quite an easy one and you can actually find targeted keywords on Facebook. The search bar in Facebook does not just function as for searching names, people, events.

5. Edit Photos Using Facebook Mobile App

It is now possible to edit your photos using the Facebook mobile app. You can also enhance your pictures by applying the filter, crop and rotate options.

6. Re-assemble the Sections of Your Business Page

You can now customize the parts of your business page by selecting the manage Sections option.


7. Insert SlideShare Presentations in Your Tweet

Inserting a SlideShare presentation via Twitter allows your followers to go through the pages without ever leaving Twitter. All you have to do to insert a presentation is to directly add the link to your tweet and it will be automatically inserted in your tweet.

8. Find Out which Follower unfollowed You on Twitter

Using, you can monitor who unfollowed your account on Twitter.

9. Use GIFs with an Autoplay Functionality

Posting a GIF on Twitter by default will not be autoplayed in your follower’s feeds. It can only be done after you have pinned your tweet on the top of your twitter feed.

10. Get Free Analytics of Your Tweets

Twitter has this brilliant feature of analyzing data for free. You can analyze timeline activities, engagement, link, followers, favorites, and even replies.

11. Hashtag Research & Analysis

Using, you can also research hashtags. You can see how often they are used over time, whether people are using certain hashtags and so much more.

12. Tag People in Pictures

Like the way it’s been perfectly working well on Facebook and Instagram, you can also tag photos on Twitter. Once your picture has been uploaded, you can tag up to 10 people by just clicking on your photo.

13. Create Picture Collages

Twitter creates a photo collage for you if you upload more than four pictures. This amazing feature is available on both Twitter desktop and Twitter mobile app.

14. View all Your Favorite Tweets

This feature is present on your Twitter page and you can view all your favorite items. Even your followers can see these tweets.


15. Add Secret Relationship Notes

This is one of the coolest things that LinkedIn has. You can add secret notes for any connections you have in Linkedln.

16. Add Media Files on Your LinkedIn Profile

You can insert documents, links, audio effects, and images in your profile. You just have to click the ‘Edit Profile‘ option and search for any item of your choice.

17. Save Jobs

If you are seeking for jobs in LinkedIn, it will take only one sign in session. You can save a search for any job you find is useful.

18. Create Your Own Page

You can create your own pages when you want to advertise any specific products or services that your company is offering.


Pinterest tends to block shortened links. Pinterest allows you to post links without shortening it.

20. See Who are Pinning from Your Site

You can check users those who are pinning from your site by copying this link on the address bar: Change ‘yourwebsite’ to your specific website address and then press Enter.

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