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9 Super Productivity Tips for Social Media Managers


A social media manager is no less than a wizard. You have to be socially aware, organized and focused. At the very same moment, you need to write, design, curate and communicate towards getting the right brand message in front of the audience. While the role crosses boundaries between creativity & management, it can go juggling.

The need to balance content creation and curation alongside handling community building, customer service, PR, as well as getting involved in promotional and advertising activities, all together can be highly challenging. But no worries! Here’s a list of 9 Super Productivity Tips for Social Media Managers to simplify their task management,

1. Plan Out Your Strategy

Any companies success on social media depends on how well they plan out their social media strategy. As the number of users has increased on social networks quite significantly, there’s a need for the business world to be as responsive as possible, failing to do so might create a negative impact for your brand.

Planning your social media strategy would help you focus on your efforts and understanding key objectives to achieve them. In the long run, this focus and planning would minimize the wasted effort. Having a clear plan too helps in avoiding the phenomena of decision paralysis. When you plan and document things, you can easily start executing necessary tasks without further wasting the time for discussions.

2. Batch Similar Tasks

One of the best tips for managing social media pages is Batching.

Batching would help you maintain focus, for example, Let’s say you’re scheduling the social media posts for the week or creating images to accompany those posts.

By performing all at once, you at least have them out from your ‘to-dos’ list and further can carry other necessary tasks.

3. Make Use of a Chatbot

I have already discussed how chatbots can benefit businesses. Further, it can get really tiring to respond to every single query manually and persuade end-user to share their contact details (so your sales team could take over)

Instead, I would advise you to use Collect.Chat as an ideal choice, it’s a drag-n-drop chatbot builder which offers a seamless integration to your existing website. It helps you save a lot by asking automated stream messages to your website visitors and converts them into potential leads.

4. Make Use of Post Scheduling Tools

You may employ the use of tools like Sendible, SocialPilot, Hootsuite etc, they all offer similar services. I would personally recommend using SocialPilot due to its exclusive features.

The tools offer quality, intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards which allows you to plan out your posts effectively.

5. Pay Attention To Social Metrics

You must review your social media performance to examine what’s working out and what’s not. There’s truly no point studying the same old things and fetching it for the audience. It’s very important to study your analytics and adjust accordingly.


6. Don’t Try Multitask, Instead Focus on Present

You might think that you’ve got the superpower to schedule posts, text your colleague, and hang up to tell your kitty to buzz off, all at once? Even though that’s possible, but it is ruining your productivity. The truth about multi-tasking is that it slowly diminishes the state of concentration & effectiveness in the long run, both of which is important.

Performing a single task at any given moment, wholeheartedly, would enable you to stay focused, think critically and work faster than doing things all at once.

7. Don’t be a Perfectionist

Being a social media manager isn’t easy (yes, I know it), you will have demands all over your time. You’ll not end up getting things done if you wait for making thing 100% perfect. Here’s a key: on social media, people move quickly.

You’ll always have another shot on that Instagram post or Tweet. And spending an extra 20–30 minutes to craft a caption won’t get you additional likes.

8. Track Your Time & Optimize it

I’ve observed many social media managers tracking their performance charts, but what one sometimes miss around is time. You must track how you spend your time. You may make use of apps like Toggl, to keep a track of your time.

This will not only help you eliminate time wastage but too empower you to determine ROI of a social media project.

Tips for Social Media Managers

9. Learn How To Say NO

Yes! You heard me right. We tend to say yes to almost everything that encounters us, but sometimes, its best to say no instead.

It’s equally important as you might be managing some critical media campaigns that require your eye-ball attention, but just because you told your boss that you’ll prepare the weekly reports, you might screw up your campaign. Similarly, if a request comes up which would be hard to manage, simply say no.

You may employ these Social Media Manager tips to work smarter and not harder. Hope this was helpful!

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