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4 Storytelling Tips to Employ for Perfect Branding


Expressing your story to someone in a way that the person listening to it may live it completely by your words only, it sounds amazing, right? The first thing we ask anyone when we meet them is their story, which at times, fully describes them in a way. And one needs to tell it in such a way that it seems interesting and attract people’s attention. Future is no more of doctors, engineers, or professors, instead, it’s completely of the artists, storytellers, people who express through the art of words and leave a major impact on people through words only. Let’s unfold some storytelling tips to better understand the art of storytelling,

“Storytelling is the oldest form of education”

1. Collaborate & Curate

The first tip is to collaborate with people who have amazing stories to tell and then learn on how to present them in form of words, there are many radio jockeys in Delhi who ask people to submit their stories on the channel and then they can share it through their words to the people listening to it, it’s a win-win situation as both the parties will have their share of talent exposure.

Similarly, one may opt-in to tell their half of the story on various platforms, which majorly, are free. Some platforms like PBNs charge you to share a story on their platform, average ticket size here is about $100.

2. Stay Focused

You may consider thinking on what you would write/curate, the content should be developed in such a way that it creates interest in the people’s mind. But before publishing the content one should always first ask themselves that why they will see this or read this. If you are unsure of the answer you get, then you must go to a new topic/niche to start with.

Also, topic, genre, type, the category must be well defined and well highlighted throughout the story in order to deliver an ideal connect.

the art of storytelling

3. Keep it Interactive!

Adding interactive content to your story, it will help you create more emphasis on your story elements, it can be a 3D experience movie, a VR experience, or just a paper exercise, anything which makes the story interesting and worth a while. Because of this, one just doesn’t watch a movie, he/she experiences them side by side.

4. Simplicity is Desirable (always!)

One thing that is often overlooked by everyone is the flow of emotions whenever you are delivering a story to your target audience. Here, one needs to make sure that things aren’t overdone just in order to add interactivity to the storyline. If one violates this, it might result in loss of interest.

In the end, one needs to account at least the above-mentioned storytelling tips to ensure an ideal delivery of a brand story. Always Remember,

“Storytelling is the most Powerful way to put ideas into the world”


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