Things to Keep in Mind While Building a Chatbot (Do’s & Don’ts)


Whenever we think of building a conversational chatbot, we face two major challenges: what to design & what NOT to design. How to determine things to keep in mind while building a chatbot?

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Ok, I do realize that if you are reading this post, you already know what a chatbot is and how a business can benefit from a chatbot. A piece of advice from my side

Always account the reason why you’ve decided to build a chatbot. NEVER forget WHERE & HOW it will be used in your business cycle.

So, let’s get started. Here are things to keep in mind while building a chatbot (Do’s & Don’ts),

1. Avoid Long Phrases

Storytelling is good, but not always. While you’re designing experience for chatbots do account the phrase length. Usually, average length phrases are the best. Do account for the fact that you are not building a monologue, but dialogue for your conversation.

Bad: “Hi! I’m Sarah, a personalized bot. I can’t live a day without music, it simply my passion and runs in my veins! Also, I’ve got thousands of songs in my base. I’d love to share it with you! Tell me what you’d like”

Good: “Hey! I’m Sarah, a personalized bot. I can recommend an artist judging from your music taste. What’s your favorite genre?”

2. Avoid Bureaucratic Style

Always try to make your message simple and easy-to-understand for your target audience.

Bad: It is important to notice that the following albums of this brilliant composer have been listed as the best platinum edition for our industry. This makes it possible to conclude about the successfulness of the debut album simply as a means of an effective entrance to the international arena.

Good: The debut album captured attention to the composer. No wonder his next records became platinum!

3. Avoid Open-Ended Questions & Statements

Save time and always run to the main point. While designing a chatbot experience, it’s always better to move users toward action.

Bad: “Hi! I’m Sarah, a personalized bot. I’d love to recommend an album and share stories about it.”

Good:Hi! I’m Sarah, a personalized bot. I’d love to recommend an album and share stories about it. Do you want to know something about a song of the day?”

4. Add Personification

Adding personification helps you to connect users to object that is being personified. Personification can make descriptions of non-human entities a bit more vivid and can help users understand, sympathize, or react emotionally to them.

“Sarah, how was the XYZ album rated?”

“Well, critics didn’t liked it much — the rating is 3.61”

5. Know Your User Profile

Knowing your user helps you gain an edge over your competition. This is simply because your bot accounts for emotional responses that promotes higher engagement.

“Sarah, how was the ABC album rated?”

“It was rated as outstanding — 9.7!”

“Wow, I loved it too”

“Please note, you rated the previous album a very low score — just 3 out of 10!”

6. Stay Ethical

Never offend or discriminate against anyone or any persona of a user.

Bad: “Sarah, how was this music album rated?”

“I guess girls can’t rap. That’s why they gained a rating of 5.6”

Good: “Sarah, how was this music album rated?”

“Critics didn’t appreciate the album— it’s rated 5.6”

7. Be Concise With Your Approach

Don’t teach your users how to talk. But also, at the same time don’t leave them alone in the dark as well.

Bad: “I can find the best reviews for you. Or, I can tell you what your friends say about the composers. In case you want to know the rating, simply say “rating”. In case you are interested in reviews, simply say “reviews”.

Good: “I can find the best reviews or I can tell what your friends say of the composers. They have praised the new composition from One Direction. Would you like to hear it?”

8. Process Correctly, Even the Communication Breakdowns

Always try to make your audience happy but remember that your audience is not obliged to make YOU happy. It’s best if you think of your users as good and bad at the same time.

Bad: They may talk nonsense but you have to provide a nice answer to it.

Good: We do want to solve their problems. Find something for them, help them, and make them happy as efficiently as possible.

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Woah! Its been a long exercise. You must account for each tip as crucial while designing your chatbot experience. When you’re done building a chatbot, you may read aloud what you’re putting into it. This will help you gain clarity over the workflow.

Lastly, I recommend using as an ideal chatbot builder. There are many reasons for it, a few to name:

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