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7 Secret Tips to Improve User Experience On Website


In this age of digitization, where everyone is turning towards the web-based products. It becomes extremely crucial deliver the right information to your targeted user in the right manner at the right time. For this, many designers employ the minimal design approach. While, web designing can be a headache for someone who is struggling to get better retention rates on the content; an ideal approach to improve the user experience for customers can increase product’s usability, quality, and effectiveness. Here, we present some tips to improve user experience on your website:

1) Keep Design as Simple as You Can

Many designers think that providing more features adds more trouble to the user experience. Even research studies suggest the same approach that with so increased options, people get confused seeing the complexity of options. Minimalistic design approach lets your content come out of the screen to describe itself and looks appealing at the same time. So, it is always advisable to use it in order to deliver a simplistic and premium approach to your content.

2) Background & Plot Says a Lot

The plot speaks a lot“, it’s an old saying in the media industry and cannot be ignored. A background or plot sets up the pitch for target message which increases the probability of a conversion. Often, many times we are asked change the background due to materials and resources used in the design, but we need to do the reverse and build objects keeping the background in mind.

The context of ideas is made more clear with the use of appropriate background and helps blends design and other individual elements like color, shape, and objective. Always keep in mind, “Even while making a beautiful canvas, many times the art needs few lines before, to give birth to a beautiful artwork”.

3) Focus On The Outlook

The combination of text and photography must be vivid, illustrative and approachable. These things can be amplified via keeping the color scheme logical which connects with the oriented brand image and conversion goal. Most of the designers use dramatic typography to enhance the effect, but you can too blend your personal perspectives in order to deliver a superior experience to your user.

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4) Capture The Crisp Content

Try to omit unnecessary words, be purpose-specific and keep things attention-grabbing with a twist of eye-catching typography. Don’t try to deliver more information than required to convey the message or goal in one go. If having a complex goal, try breaking it down into smaller and more specific daughter steps, they are more feasible as compared to a long form.

5) Try to Simplify But Never Cut On Content

While keeping the things simple, people tend to get short on content and that really harms the brand image. Further, resulting in distraction caused by the true concept of making the product.

“Don’t confuse between simple and minimalism, keep minimalism simple!”

Minimalistic designs tend to look more intuitive and increase user experience. An average UI designer employs technical design sprints to increase discoverability of features in all scenario of functioning.

6) Make the Specific Page for Every Action

Best websites tend to provide one specific message per page, keeping distraction away from the end user by employing minimalistic design approach. You can approach any designer and ask him/her to create landing page as per the minimal approach.
You might force everything into the minimalistic design, but that’s really not the way to get things done. As many sites can be information based, so skipping anything in the middle can be a problem. So try to make the first page as minimal as possible and deliver respective information in small bits or segments.

7) Make Sure Things Are Responsive

Good UI animation adds to a more presentable and pleasant user experience. Let’s take an example whenever you bring cursor over the panel and it responds in an interactive manner which makes it not only discoverable but too entertaining. In other words, animation speaks more than words.

We hope, this post was helpful to you, if you need any help to improve user experience on your website, feel free to get in touch. Our team of experts will be there for your help!


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