how to automate instagram publishing 2020

4 Tools to Automate Instagram Scheduling for FREE


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, but unlike others, its most close one as well. By close, I mean that you cannot post links in your caption, post only photos/videos, and third-party apps to post to the platform. The last one causing the major pain for digital marketers.

Even the tools like Hootsuite and Buffer doesn’t carry power over Instagram posting. In a nutshell, you cannot plan your content in advance and publish it automatically like you can on Twitter or Facebook. That means every time you need to push that publish button in order to post something on Instagram.

Instagram is a platform that has a very high engagement rate. Having an Instagram community is part of a social strategy, something you can leverage to increase your conversion rate. But then how to schedule posts on Instagram for free or at least automate it?

To help you succeed on Instagram, I’m going to show you how to automate your Instagram scheduling.

Free Tools to Automate Your Instagram Scheduling

how to automate instagram publishing 2020

1. Later

Later is a social media scheduling tool that works with Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Later is free for max 30 scheduled posts per month. If you’re posting once a day, this is really good for your business. But do note that you will need a premium plan if you want to use videos.

As a tool, Later offers two primary benefits,

  • It lets you preview your posts so you can see what they will look like on being going live. This is very helpful for marketers who want to have a harmonious Instagram page.
  • You can synchronize your images directly from services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

2. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a tool that helps you centralize your social media planning in one place. Initially, you may start with a free trial with it and upgrade it if necessary. The tool does provide scheduling for major social networks but I’ll be focusing on the Instagram scheduling for now.

tools to schedule instagram posts for free

Agorapulse benefits as a tool,

  • It provides a great way to be able to engage with people who have engaged with you. For anyone who runs a community, this is a major problem solver.
  • It gives you an Instagram view where you get a preview of what your post will look like on going live.
  • With Agorapulse, you can decide a default time slot for each day of the week. By using this feature, when you add your posts to your queue, they’ll automatically go live on the best time for that day.
  • You can easily see who interacts with you the most in a glance. And find who are your most influential followers.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a robust social media scheduling tool you may opt for. It offers you an initial free trial and lets you evaluate on the functionalities you’re looking for.

When it comes to Instagram scheduling, the mechanism is pretty simple. You simply need to download the app and act on the reminder you receive for your timed content. Then follow the steps to go through and share the content on Instagram via the Instagram app.

tools to automate instagram free

Sprout Social offers a few advantages over the other tools,

  • You have both, its project management capabilities and its focus to help you grow your accounts.
  • A Discovery feature lets you create customized searches around your specified hashtags to find people to interact with.
  • By adding a task to a message bar, such as to reply or contact this person, your task will show up in the tasks tab. This is a quite helpful feature when working in teams where a manager can centralize the responses that need attention.
  • You can also label someone as a potential lead, and ensure to follow up with them to help generate more sales through social media.

4. Autogrammer

Autogrammer is much simpler as compared to other tools on the list but unfortunately offers a 7-day trial only. The interface of this tool is designed to be as simple as possible, but you can still access things like the calendar view by offered options.

Finally, there’s a Bulk Upload feature to add multiple media files at once.

schedule instagram posts free 2020


I do realize Instagram is the most difficult platform to handle as a digital marketer. Your schedule post cannot go live automatically till now. For now, if you want to tap into their enormous potential, you’ll need to play by their rules.

Just note that each platform offers different benefits, and above all, different interfaces. Once you find the right one, it will go a long way towards helping you execute a successful Instagram strategy.

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