Have decided to step down from your day job and start a business of your own? Or, planning to grow your business online? A recent survey shows that promoting a business through the online platforms, especially in the social networking websites like Facebook had 98% positive returns and increased the brand value by almost 67%.

Facebook has worked wonders for new businesses and you can further increase its potential by adding some apps to your page. Want to know some of the best Facebook apps for business pages that can help you grow exponentially? Keep reading.

1. Cyfe

Every businessman would agree that reaching out to thousands of potential customers is really tough, but with the advent of social media, things have become much easier. Cyfe is one Facebook app that allows their user to keep a track of all the marketing campaigns that you have done till now. Be it a successful campaign or a not so successful one, you will be able to see exactly how the campaign went, how many people responded to the campaign and what the turnover was as a result of the campaign.

cyfe app

2. HootSuite

If your only stream of growing business is social media, then Hootsuite app should definitely be one of your priorities. This Facebook app can help to schedule social media posts in a flash. However, that does not mean it is just another scheduling app. As an entrepreneur, you would want to know what your customers think of your brand, right? HootSuite will allow you to do that. You can actually listen to customers about what they think of your brand or the products and services that your company is selling.

best facebook app for grwing business

3. Yotpo

Yotpo is a very dynamic and unique Facebook app that lets the user generate successful sales volume with the help of simple ads. When you buy something online, you first see the picture of the stuff that you want to buy, then check what other buyers have mentioned about that product and then the best price. Yotpo will help with all this when you want to sell products and services of your company. You can share original photos of the product, post customer reviews and also drive sales to a great extent.

4. Shopial

Facebook has long been considered as an easy platform to buy and sell things. Shopial is one app that has associated with Facebook on a positive note. One of the biggest benefits of Shopial is that one can not only sell products from this app but also promote new products directly. It has already seen a huge boost in the number of users indicating its success rate.

5. Pagemodo

Pagemodo is an easy way to ensure the growth of your business is by keeping an updated page of your company on Facebook. In addition to that, you will be able to customize that page as per your choice. Pagemodo allows you to design your Facebook page and make it more interesting to look and also add contests or giveaways on the page.

Tip: Adding a welcome page or creating a quiz with an attractive prize will draw a lot of attention and this will ultimately increase the sales volume to a great extent.


6. GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the best Facebook apps that gives a complete solution to any business entrepreneur on having responses from potential customers. When you use the app, it will use your company’s Facebook page and present sign-up forms so that every potential customer or existing customer can feed into that form about what they like and don’t like about the product/service your company is offering.

7. AWeber

Email marketing is a very powerful tool in the digital world and it has had serious returns in the last decade. However, when you sync the same emails with your Facebook page, the entire concept becomes much easier and you can also capture more leads by using AWeber web form.

For example, you have recently launched an email marketing campaign and want to link it to your company’s Facebook page. AWeber will let you do that. This app will not only sync the email marketing campaigns but also help to add webpage forms on the Facebook page that can bring in potential customers who visit the page.

8. Ecwid

What if you were given a chance to share your company’s product with more than 175 countries? You would grab the opportunity with both hands, right? That is exactly what Ecwid offers to potential business owners. Opening a Facebook store is just minutes away on Ecwid and it also allows customers to be on the same Facebook page even when they checkout. In addition to Facebook, you can use the app to sell your products and services on various other online platforms including different social networking sites.

9. ViralStyle

How many times have you logged in to Facebook and ended up on a totally different website checking out some really cool t-shirts? ViralStyle is an amazing Facebook app that you will allow you to sell branded merchandise with your own artwork. This app is quite famous among numerous t-shirt stores that have grown over the years and is a great way to kickstart a business.

10. Storefront Social

This is much like Shopial, but with a slight difference. Once you start your own Facebook store from this app, you will have the freedom to sell products in any corner of the world. With Storefront Social you will also be able to customize what you offer to customers. This can be the price of a product or new discount offers or anything special that you want to make your customers happy with. In fact, you can even publish the offers on your Facebook page and set up a store on that very same page. The only extra thing that you need to do would be to set up a checkout method that would have multiple payment options.

The digital world is on the rise now and using Facebook to reach out to potential customers is probably the most cost-effective solution for every new business owner. The above list of best Facebook apps for business will definitely give a boost to any business and open new doors for you if applied well. If I missed some apps that you feel must be there on the list, feel free to leave your comments below.


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