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10 Top Github Repos for Every Developer


The repositories you have plays a major advantage in your development process. To help you with the same, I present to you a list of top GitHub repos for your developer toolkit. But, let’s start with some basics.

What is Git?

Most importantly, Git is a Version Control System. This means that it allows you to make changes to your project without overwriting any part of it. Git serves as the foundation of the GitHub.

Why use something like Git?

Consider you and your co-worker updating pages on the same website. You make a few changes, save them, and upload them back to the website. The problem arises when your co-worker is working on the same site, at the same time. In such a situation, either of your works gets erased or overwritten. But a VCS like Git prevents this from happening.

Let’s discuss some words that people use while discussing GitHub:

1. Command Line:

It is the text interface for your computer. Command-line is a non-native program that takes in commands, which it passes to the OS of the system to run.

2. Repository:

A repository is like a folder provided for your project. Your project’s repository contains all the files and also the revision history of each of them.

3. Commit:

In simple words, commit means taking a “snapshot” of your repository. It gives you a checkpoint to which you can re-evaluate or restore your project to any previous state.

Out of the thousands of top GitHub repositories that exist, here are the 10 extraordinary ones. Some of them will help you learn new things while some will help you build cool things. Though it will help you to become better developers.

Top GitHub Repos to Have in your ToolKit

1. Build Your Own X

Been keen on creating your own programming language? Or your very own Git? Then this is the top Github repo you’re looking for.

Build Your Own x repo consists of a bunch of tutorials on how you can build your own technology. It has tutorials to teach how to build your own OS, search engine, and many more.

top repos on github

2. Free Programming Books

It is a well-organized collection of materials gathered from parts of the world. It comprises books, podcasts, websites, developer tools… you name it. It is accessible in several languages. It contains segments for free online courses, problem sets and competitive programming, and much more. Definitely a “must” for people learning to code.

3. Oh My Zsh

top repositories github

Oh My Zsh is a pleasing, open-source, community-driven framework for running Zsh configuration. Zsh is an interactive shell as well as a robust scripting language that developers use. It comes with thousands of helpful functions, plugins, and themes.

4. Coding Interview University

top repositories for github

Created by Google as Heck to documents eight-month-long preparation for the Google interview.

The repo consists of a detailed list of the things you should know to pass Google’s infamous whiteboard tests. It also contains links to references that explain various computer science concepts.

CIU helps you prepare for technical interviews at organizations like Google, Microsoft, Facebook

5. Gitignore: A Collection of .gitignore Templates

As the name suggests, the repo is a collection of .gitignore templates. For every new project you set up, .gitignore is a mandatory file. It contains templates for almost every language such as Python, Java, Perl, and Rails.

6. System Design Primer

top github repos

This is a great repository for developers. It helps you learn to design large-scale systems. Which in turn helps you become a better developer. The repo grants an organized set of resources for this wide topic.

System designing is a required component of the interview process for many companies. This repository helps you to prepare for such interviews with a study guide. It also advises on how to approach an interview. It also provides interview questions with solutions and interactive coding challenges.

7. Public APIs

A nice and free updated collection of public APIs. The APIs are broken down into sections, which makes exploring them much more accessible. The various topics it covers include anime, animals, games, Gmail API, or the Google Analytics API and many more.

8. The Art of Command Line

Developers often ignore working with the command line. Although it improves your flexibility and productivity as a developer in both broad and definite ways. This repository is a collection of notes and pointers on using the command-line when working on Linux. Some tips are introductory, and some are fairly particular, advanced, or complex.

While the repository seems to not be maintained actively any longer, it still provides very good tips that can help you work with the command line. And you can always fork the repo and maintain it yourself.

9. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

The repository contains many popular algorithms and data structures for JavaScript. With tags marked as a beginner or advanced to indicate the difficulty. There are programs for the hash table, heap, queue, stack, math, strings, sets, and more.

10. Developer Roadmap

top github repos

It consists of a set of charts explaining different paths that can be followed. Also suggest some technologies that could be adapted to become a front-end, back-end, or dev-ops engineer in 2020. It’s a useful guide for what’s possible and needed in this fast-changing software industry.

The repo gets updated every year to reflect changes in the ecosystem.


With that, I hope this list of top Github repositories for your developer toolkit was helpful to you and served value. Did I miss something? Feel free to recommend the ones I should include in the comment section below.

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