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Video merging is mostly done with computer programs or by phone applications. Who wants to download a program for video merging only if you have a short job? With online video merger sites, you can always do this quickly. Upload your video, wait for the online video merger site to merge your video, then you can download the video again in seconds. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top online video merger sites.

1. FlexClip Video Editor

free Online Video Merger Tools

The process of merging videos online on this site is very simple. It supports MP4, MOV, AVI, and all other popular formats. You can specify the order of the files to be merged by dragging. You can trim the merged video as you wish and shorten it if the video duration is long. With a few clicks, you can export the combined video as an MP4 file and then share it anywhere.

One of the good things is that FlexClip not only supports simple video merging, but also allows you to make edits on your videos with many effects, text, music, and more.

2. Open Stories

I know that many of you might be aware of this AI-powered video creation tool. It lets you create web stories and videos by simply adding your URL and surprises you with a video. But not many people are aware that you can merge multiple videos in it too.

open stories video tool

How? Well, simply drag and drop your video to their dashboard and align the video pieces as it fits you. Once done, hit Export and you’re done.

2. Online Converter

tools to merge videos online

Another nice option for free and simple tool for video merging online is Online Converter. The website supports MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, and other formats. You can do video merging by uploading your files one by one from “file 1″, “file 2″, “file 3″, or “file 4” fields. The only bad thing about the site is that you can not upload over 200 MB.

3. APowersoft Free Online Video Merger

video merging tools online

You can easily combine a number of videos online using this free tool with a simple interface. It supports popular video formats. To merge videos, simply add videos to the program, rearrange them by drag and drop and click “Start merging”, and finally click Download to save the merged video on your computer.

4. Pixiko

top video merging tool online

You can combine videos online quickly using Pixiko. Multiple files can be added to the video merging site, and you can also move them by dragging them. If necessary, you can trim the file and apply additional settings. You can even add music and subtitles to the video.

5. Kapwing Video Merger

tools to merge videos 2020

With Kapwing, you can easily combine as many videos as you want. You can also merge videos and pictures. You can select the order in which you want your files to be combined, and you can play with the length of the video with the trim and cut options. You can add an introduction to videos, add music, embed a logo, and much more.

6. Movie Maker Online

online movie making software

You can combine many videos using this video merging website online. You can even add music, photos, and text to the merged file as needed. Movie Maker Online supports various editing features. You can also do other functions such as adding effects and adding colors with this site.

7. Wofox

top online video merger sites

You can combine videos online using another simple online video merging site Wofox. You can add many videos to the website and change the sequences as necessary. Thanks to the resizing feature of the site, it allows you to merge videos in custom sizes, for example, Instagram or Facebook.

8. Clideo

top sites to merge videos online

You can not only use this website to combine and merge videos easily but to crop, rotate, change the aspect ratio, and make other edits using Clideo. The quality of the merged file can also be selected as required. It also has the ability to look at what it is like without recording it.

9. AConvert

top website to merge videos

You can merge videos online using Aconvert online video mergers tool without difficulty. You can upload up to 1 GB file size to the site. The videos to be merged must have the same format (such as MP4, AVI) as well as the frame rate. The files are combined in the order they are added, and after the process, you can download the videos you merge from the program instantly.

10. Magisto

You can easily combine your videos with the Magisto online video merging website. In addition, you can find many features such as adding effects, adding music, cropping. Although the site is not completely free, its free plan will suit your business.

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