Top Reasons Companies Should Consider Custom AdTech


There are several reasons for companies to use a custom solution, and to overcome issues of AdTech.

1. The GDPR & Data Ownership concerns

Many SaaS-based AdTech platforms provides clients with UIs that are easy to use. The infrastructure typically requires zero maintenance. However, there is an important trade-off companies make, and that is data ownership.

When companies own technology and data, then they gave the advantage of being able to adapt to privacy regulations. This is why sometimes using in-house tools that are tailored-made makes sense. When you don’t use a third party, you will host the data and technology on your infrastructure.

The above advantage is extremely difficult to overlook. This is also a top reason why businesses should look for tailored-made AdTech solutions. This is especially true when you consider there were changes made a few years ago, in regards to coming to Safari 8, iOS, as well as the implementation of GDPR.

The GDPR, short for General Data Protection Regulation, went into effect a few years back. It was one of the biggest data-privacy laws implemented in the European Union. The GDPR entailed making major changes in privacy policies, and those who provide AdTech had to implement new data security measures. Things are a lot less challenging when you have your own custom AdTech platform.

Let’s not forget to mention that the GDPR forces companies to inform their users if a data leak happened, all within 72 hours of it happening. There’s also the “right to be forgotten” aspect of the regulation. This means the controller of the data must erase a user’s personal data if they request it.

If you store users’ data across various platforms, and users request you to delete their data, then this can be a hassle. If you own the data, then this is a different story. In fact, you’ll find it a lot easier to delete data if it’s not scattered all over the place.

2. Control Over Roadmap & Features

AdTech ecosystem consists of lots of things, such as solutions, suites, platforms, and more. There is no shortage of products to choose from, and even the most experienced CMO can become confused. When it comes to finding the right platforms and tools, things can become time-consuming and highly stressful. Not only that, but different products have different features.

Sure, some tools have useful features, but most tools don’t give companies the option to strip down certain functions that their clients won’t use or don’t need. In turn, these tools end up costing companies more money than necessary. Having custom-made AdTech offers more control in regards to the roadmap and features. Read more about digital analytics impact on the environment.

3. Gain A Competitive Advantage

Throughout the last decade, the MarTech and AdTech industries have undergone tremendous changes. Nowadays, the standard is using data in order to improve targeting. This is just one example of how the industries evolved.

However, the marketing tools have relatively stayed the same. The platforms have also remained pretty much the same. This is regardless of companies marketing them as unique.

Building out MarTech and AdTech platforms can be a game-changer. Companies can solve problems by developing certain types of tech. In turn, companies can become more competitive and they can stand out from their competition.

An example is you can build a completely custom AdTech platform. Your platform can allow your clients to bring their own algorithms. This is kind of what AppNexus lets their clients do.

4. Less Media Fees & Commissions

Generally speaking, DSP providers’ markups are between 10% and 30%. Not only that but there is not much transparency in the display advertising industry. So many margins are kept hidden and they usually emerge as time goes by. For example, some companies might not realize there are additional fees to pay until they have been using their platform for a short period of time.

The reason why some companies are not able to build their own AdTech is that acquiring technology can be expensive, and so can build it out. Maintaining an AdTech platform can be challenging too.

Sure, there are many benefits to building a custom AdTech platform. Many companies can afford the costs associated with having their AdTech platform built. However, lots of companies simply can’t afford it. The good news is there is an alternative to the companies that can’t afford to build an AdTech platform from scratch.

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