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14 Types of Backlinks: The Good, The Bad, & The Best


A backlink is considered one of the most commonly used words in the domain of SEO (or Search Engine Optimization). Numerous bloggers who have begun a blog or a website habitually struggle to get an understanding of the basic question on “what is a backlink?”. A backlink fundamentally tells search engines that a website is trusted, recognized, and worthy of a top spot on SERPs (search engine results pages). Acquiring backlinks has become an integral portion of an effectual SEO plan. Earlier, backlinks were the vital metric for the rating of a webpage, and pages that had lots of backlinks used to be ranked higher on the major search engines that included Google.

But now, it is not only the number of backlinks which appeals to search engines but also the kinds of backlinks. Based on their nature, backlinks do have differing levels of effect on the search engine ratings. Here’s a list of 14 types of backlinks to help you make a better decision.

Some backlinks don’t provide much value, but they can support your general link profile besides helping you improve your SEO and they are:


An acknowledgment backlink is known at a time when a website does mention and gets linked to a website according to a sponsorship or relationship. These links do not possess much content connected to a brand or their work as they are simple mentions and they are:

  • Specify that the brand has made a donation
  • Demonstrate that someone from the brand has been speaking at or funding an event
  • Comprise a testimonial for the brand of the linking website

2. Guest Post Bio Backlinks

Sometimes, guest blogging sites do not permit or will not comprise a link back to the author’s website in the central body of content. In place of that, they permit the author to comprise a link in the bio of the author. Bio backlinks add worth to the link portfolio of a website.

The method to develop backlinks by supplying value to other websites is via branded badges. Branded badges are recognized as an award that a brand develops and reflects out to the other sites in the form of a status symbol. For instance, you can develop a list containing the best brands or topmost sites which are published on your website before giving badges to every brand mentioned on the list. Additionally, you can include a link back to develop the link.

4. Newsworthy Press Releases

Press Releases serve double duty to market efforts. This can alert media outlets regarding your news and also aid your website to gain backlinks. However, it can only develop links when executed adequately. This policy can improve links on the real press release post and on the stories about which media outlets write.

With a person’s remark on a blog post, he is generally permitted to comprise link back to your site. It is habitually abused by spammers and it can turn into a pessimistic link building tool. When you post real comments on the high-quality blog posts, then it can be of some worth in sharing links because it can drive traffic to your website and augment the prominence of your brand.

As superior quality backlinks have become a vital portion of SEO, so it has become easy to understand that each link no matter how valuable it is, is highly beneficial. However, some links aren’t valuable at all and these links have very little or no value at all. These links can negatively influence SEO, and as you get engaged in the process of link building, you must avert developing these kinds of backlinks. The types of backlinks that belong to this group are mentioned below:

bad types of backlinks

Though it seems like a comfortable way to obtain links, yet you ought not to pay other websites and publishers to link to your website. According to Google,

“buying or using commercialism form links is capable of influencing the ranking of a website negatively in the search engine results.”

7. Non-Newsworthy Press Releases

Newsworthy and interesting press releases can aid a brand in gaining links and attention. However, it can also seem spammy when a brand disperses press releases repeatedly which aren’t newsworthy and are developed with an intention of gaining links.

Getting joined to numerous forums for posting links back to your website is bad. So, you must not join superior quality forums where reliable discussions are vital purposes.

9. Article Directory and General Business Listings

As you don’t wish to overdo with press releases, you do not also wish to overreach with directory listings. So, you must remain glued to the most authoritative, trustworthy, and industry-relevant directories. Again, you are also forbidden to develop profiles on the spammy directors for generating links.

By now, you have understood what makes backlinks valued, and so, you must take a look at the list of the finest backlinks meant for your SEO. The best backlinks will propose an unsurpassed long-term SEO results and these backlinks are:

Effective User Testing Tips and Tricks

The finest types of links in search engine optimization come from editorial mentions. Editorial mention is considered when another site refers as well as links to your site in one piece of quality content, and it may be comprised as:

  • Quoting someone from your organization or something from your content in the form of a source of information
  • Denoting your website as a source for extra information
  • Quoting your site as the maker of an infographic
  • Comprising your content or website in a link round-up
  • Interviewing someone who is linked to your website

It is another method of getting valuable backlinks. At the time of your submitting a guest post to a site, you are habitually permitted to comprise an editorial backlink in your content, and these kinds of backlinks are a dependable process to developing trust and authority via other effective publications.

12. Business Profile

In the majority of the cases, when you develop an online profile needed for a business, then you can comprise a link back to your site. These links on social media networks, business listings, and industry-specific directories reflect search engines that a site has been established and it is of high quality.

Developing a worthwhile resource on your website habitually inspires other websites to link back to it. High-value pieces of content often result in a link and it is recognized as webinar recording. Other websites habitually get linked to or surround other brand’s webinars on their website, thus, leading to both brand mentions and links.

Another efficient process to get websites to link back to a thing valuable on your website is by proposing a free tool. Free tools can be a fundamental tool. When the tools are highly valuable, then others will naturally get linked to them.


Links are highly valued portion of an excellent SEO policy. However, it is vital to remember that you have to pay to heed not only to the number of links but to the links’ quality too. Various types of backlinks are there that come with differing levels of importance and value. So, you can develop your link building plans surrounding getting top-tier types of backlinks which will turn out to be highly beneficial for your SEO.

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