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3 Types of SEO & How to Succeed in Them


There are three types of SEO prevailing in the market. All these SEO types are important for an organic and well-built research strategy. These are On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO. When you break down every strategy and think about SEO then it will become much easier organizing as well as executing your optimization plans.

It becomes highly important to review every type of SEO and see how they are vital for your general marketing strategy. Again, it is also important to see how various types of SEO tools can aid you to build-up your performance in every category.

Types of SEO & How to Succeed in Each

1. On-Page SEO

This search engine optimization type relates to your website’s content and it comprises of strategies to enhance individual pages on the site. These factors turn hugely helpful in helping search engines understand the content’s topic and see that the site is a valued source which people would wish to find. This kind of SEO comprises:

  • Keyword Research — Discovering the finest keywords for targeting on content’s page.
  • Content Creation — Publishing superior quality content which is focused on target keywords.
  • Optimization of Keyword — Using the target keyword in the ideal places and utilizing excellent meta tag SEO.

PRO TIP. You may make use of various OnPage SEO analyzers to see how accurate you are towards a specific keyword. If on WordPress, you may use plugins like SEOpressor(Recommended), Yoast etc.

How Can You Excel at SEO

2. Off-Page SEO (also known as Off-site SEO)

The techniques of off-page SEO help in strengthening the effect and relationship your site has got with other websites. It comprises of developing strategies for building a website’s authority and reputation online. These factors aid search engines to see that a site is an appropriate search result as it is from a reliable, trusted, and reputable source.

The majority of the off-site SEO does relate to superior quality backlinks

A huge volume of links that point to your site from authoritative and relevant sites demonstrate to search engines that your website is established and valuable. You are liberal to gain the trust signals via various guests posting and link building tactics.

PRO TIP. You may use SEMrush, Mangools SEO tools to track your website ranking and growth on various keywords.

3. Technical SEO

This type of SEO is related to non-content compounds of your website. It comprises strategies for improving the backend structure and foundation of your site.

Technical SEO does improve the readability of a site and it makes easy for the search engines to understand and crawl the site

Technical SEO proposes an excellent user experience that aids search engines to see that the website is of superior quality. Excellent user experience is highly important for the readers as it can influence engagement and general traffic rates. Here, the following is included in this category,

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Site speed
  • Site architecture
  • Indexing
  • Security
  • Structured data
  • Crawlability

PRO TIP. A modest way to check the condition of your technical SEO is by using an SEO Audit Tool. Here, you can enter your website for receiving a report on the position of various technical elements besides the instructions for knowing the process to resolve issues when you have some. Such tools include Mangools Explorer tools, SEMrush etc.

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How Can You Excel at SEO Types?

Here are a few ways you can increase your chances of succeeding,

1. Search Engine Friendly Website

You must make sure that your site has been developed in a manner so that the search engine would be able to access it. For instance, earlier people used to develop their site on Flash, but today, it has become outdated.

So, if you wish to build your site on Flash, it will turn tough for the search engine to go through the website’s content. The search engine won’t understand what the site deals with.

Further, you must make sure that your website is search engine friendly so that it easily accessible and search engine spiders can index your web pages efficiently.

2. Optimization of the Content

Matching keywords to consumer’s behavior is viewed as a highly critical portion in content optimization.

Suppose, a person is doing a search on Hotels in Delhi. So, it becomes important to know about the customer’s intention, means, whether he is doing research on hotels or he just wishes to book a hotel room. These kinds of intention matching with respect to keywords are highly important.

You may also target your website to target audience appropriately, it is vital to understand the kind of query a customer might have and the kind of keyword which urges the customer to leave their contact details in the search forms.

seo types

A backlink is when a person links to your site from his own web page. Having the right mix of backlinks could help you speed up your way to achieve first-page ranking, here’s a read on types of backlinks you may go through when planning your link building strategy.

4. Social Media

Social media plays a vital role in today’s digital world. Today, almost everybody is on the social media and this could be used to a good potential to drive traffic to your website.

The key to becoming popular on social media is by delivering quality and targeted content to your target audience. It too boosts your search engine rankings as social counts (also referred to as social signals) are also an important search algorithm factor. Learn how to find target audience on social media in case you are not aware of the same, as it becomes highly important.

In all, the search engine does consider how popular a particular content is on social media


For creating an SEO plan which results in real results, you need to focus on many groups of ranking factors. Additionally, you require using various types of SEO in combination with one another for providing your site with the finest opportunity of showing up in the search results.

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