using pinterest for business marketing

Why Use Pinterest for Business Growth


Pinterest registers more than 10 million visitors every day from various sources. It has a gigantic potential to promote your business but you have to know the tricks. As such using Pinterest can provide a greater way to boost your business.

Using Pinterest For Business Effectively: It Makes a Great Impact!

There are various reasons and situations when Pinterest can be used effectively to get positive results. Here are some reasons on why use Pinterest for business marketing:

1. Huge Potentiality to Convert Browsers into Buyers

Pinterest is very easy to use and unlike the normal social media, it has a very less number of steps from discovery to conversion. It has the high potential for converting into leads which has the ability to operate at a very fast rate. Pinterest helps in increasing the conversion rate and reducing the sales cycle.

2. Can Drive Huge Traffic

Pinterest has the high potentiality to increase the chance of getting more traffic. It is seen that among all the traffic of social media website the traffic of Pinterest is 11% whereas the traffic of Twitter is found to 18%. Apart from that Pinterest also has the potentiality to drive more referral traffic even than what Google+ can do for a business.

For every business, it is very essential that their customer share their content as much as possible and provide links back to them. One of the greatest advantages of Pinterest is that every pin of it has a link and provides a source of the image. Thus, along with the huge popularity of Pinterest, it can also provide you with a huge inbound link.

These types of inbound links are very essential for any types of business as when the viewer clicks on these inbound links they will be automatically directed to the website of the company. Once they are directed to the website of the company can help the company in a great way as the viewer can then know and acquire a detailed knowledge about the product and service of the company. Thus using Pinterest for business marketing can be very beneficial to you.

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4. Can Have High User Engagement

Pinterest is such a media that the user gets addicted to it once they start using it. It is seen Pinterest is so interesting that it has now got more popularity than Facebook. A large number of people are using Pinterest and they are very addictive to the Pinterest. As such advertising in this media can become a huge success and most of the people will observe the advertisement and will come to know about the product. Thus, Pinterest marketing can provide an opportunity to get a huge Return on Investment (ROI).

5. Can Integrate with Another Social Media Network

Pinterest can be integrated with various social media networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other popular social media sites. That means if a marketer signs up for Pinterest with the email id that they used for their Twitter or Facebook account, then they can share the pins automatically for all the post that they did for their Twitter or Facebook.

Your competence depends on your visibility. In this stiff competition, you have to be proactive and gain visibility everywhere. In this matter, your existence in using Pinterest for business can be immensely beneficial in every aspect.


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