vimeo vs youtube for business

Vimeo vs YouTube for Business: Which One is Better For You?


We all know that one of the best ways to market yourself nowadays is through a video. Video content is so strong that it can increase your brand presence exponentially and while you’re busy planning your next big video campaign, it’s time that you should also decide where to host it: Vimeo vs YouTube?

Both Vimeo and YouTube are giants in their own unique markets. But, while you may love YouTube as a user, you might hate it as a business. And while you may love Vimeo as a community, you might hate it as a platform.

That being said, let’s uncover which one you must go for and why?


The Benefits of YouTube:youtube logo

  • YouTube is ever growing and has a huge audience. It has more than 1 billion users and almost one-third users of the internet are on YouTube.
  • As per Alexa, YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. The first one in the race id Google, which owns the former. Millions of people across the globe search daily on YouTube for feeds like instructional (how-to) videos, music, movie trailers, news clips, and yes funny videos! If you plan to create a shareable video that’s completely question oriented, then YouTube is an awesome option for you.
  • YouTube is the king of search engines. Answer me, “ When was the last time you saw a Vimeo video rank higher than a YouTube video on Google?” Never, right? In 2014, when Google was making major changes in their search algorithm, they limited video snippets on its search engine results pages (SERPs). But, YouTube videos were unaffected. If you need a proof, try searching any keyword with “how-to” on Google and examine how many videos you see on the first page which are not from YouTube (Zero).
  • They are BIG on mobile. Let’s do a small activity, ask your friends many of them are having the YouTube app on their phones? and how about Vimeo? Exactly.
  • It’s FREE, even for business purposes. You’ll be gifted with unlimited storage, and video uploads with no upfront cost.

The Drawbacks of YouTube

  • An ad before video policy. It’s the hard truth, but admit it, we all hate watching an ad before playing a video. Sometimes videos stay for at max 3 seconds, but some are longer than that which at times, kill user retention. The biggest concern apart from the ad is that if the pre-roll ad comes from one of your competitors, or some other undesirable source you may lose your valuable customer.
  • Cut-Throat Competition in terms of ranking.Your gem of a video could get lost in the vast ocean of content that is YouTube. You need to make sure that your video is getting in front of the right people which without marketing is very hard to achieve.
  • Hard to drive traffic to your website. Who hasn’t fallen for the rabbit hole suggesting videos? Youtube is very good at keeping the audience to themselves and in order to drive traffic to your website you need to make a convincing pitch to your viewers.


The Benefits of Vimeovimeo logo

  • High-Quality Content for viewership. Vimeo is the place for creators that the reason they never coin the word ‘user’. Where the YouTube homepage shows you what’s popular throughout, Vimeo promotes only “Staff Picks” which is content curated with the high-quality value.
  • No Pre-roll ads for viewers. You don’t have to worry about your impatient viewers clicking away before even your video starts playing. You can take the comfort of knowing that your audience isn’t going anywhere and if they’ve stopped to see down your content, they’ll probably see it.
  • A supportive community which builds you. At Vimeo, the people are focused on upbringing the other user, keeping the vibe as positive. Trolls and spammers are a big NO! Even in their community guidelines, they state: “We request, nay — we insist! — that while you are on Vimeo you respect the people you encounter, as well as their videos. You are free to disagree and/or provide critical feedback, but please keep it respectful & constructive.”
  • Customization at its best. Admit it, if you need a video to be embedded on a website, go with Vimeo Pro as you will be able to add your own logo to the video player, create a custom outro, and even use third-party players to display your work which in all is, AMAZING!

The Drawbacks of Vimeo

  • Smaller but Niche-specific audience. It may be a more supportive community, but Vimeo’s monthly viewership amounts to be about 17 percent of YouTube’s 1 billion monthly viewership (around 170 million monthly)
  • Show me the money! Yes, it’s true. You’ll need money to use Vimeo at its full potential. Vimeo Pro starts at around $170 a month, but you may select a package as per your needs.


  • Less visibility on search engines. Unfortunately, Google favors its own video platform that is YouTube in search engines. You might be having a hard time getting first page results if you host your video on Vimeo.

Which platform you should choose?

The answer to this question depends completely on your business goals. If you want a community of filmmakers or creators to be your customers, go for Vimeo. But, if you want to target general audience and want to reach out to the largest audience, choose YouTube.


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