Web Design vs. Web Development – Things you must know!


The screen you are currently looking at, how was that made? Was it the process of web designing or was it the efforts of web development? Not sure? Well, this article is here to clear out such confusions about web design and web development.


Virtually interchangeable, these both terms represent two fundamentally different things. In layman terms, Web Design is the aesthetic as well as the applicability element of the website. The color scheme, site flow, images, typography, and layout – everything which is the part of visuals or UI/UX is under the domain of web designer who uses Adobe Creative Suite software to make what you see on your screens.
On the other hand, Web Development is the part which makes your web page live and functional. Developed using the programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP, these codes are the life force of your website. Web Development takes place on two levels: front end (client side) and back end (server side) which manage the display and database of the website respectively.


The most common misconception held is that both web designing and development is an “easy task” and can be done by anyone. Let us stop you right there. According to the current business trends, your website is the mirror of your brand name and if you wish to cut on the web development and design costs and get it done by a novice then be prepared for a major setback.
Online marketing is impossible without a live, interactive and user-friendly website which grabs the attention of every visitor. Hence, we need to break another big misconception that websites don’t need to be unique. The reality is, you cannot just copy your competitors in websites. You need to start from the scratch, get a website done by professionals and make sure it is regularly updated. A stagnant website is as bad as a functional shop but with a sign “closed” hanging on its door.

The Importance:

Though the importance of web development and web design is tremendous, here’s a crisp list for you to understand its value and gauge your decisions accordingly:

  • Builds your brand: your website is the mirror of your brand
  • Builds trust in audience
  • Attracts audience to your brand/product
  • Business becomes simplified
  • Scope for improvement and feedback
  • Regular check on what your audience wants from you
  • Becomes your landmark position in the market

wed design and web development


That is the crux of the major differences between web design and web development. Hope this article has guided you to make wiser decisions for your brand. As a goodbye note, do not forget that web development and web design both are paramount for your business development, skipping any of these would mean a sad page with no visitors and business with no happy clients.


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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I do have a question however that I think you could probably answer.
    I was wondering, I want to learn web design to do freelance work online.
    Where can I get free and up to date information about it?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Thanks for explaining the difference between web designing and web development, appreciate your effort!

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