7 Things To Avoid While Designing a Website


In our previous blog post “Website is the NEW Business Card”, We introduced the need, usage, and advantages of owning a website. Now, with knowledge of Why’s, you also need to smarten up on the front of “How’s” of website designing. Web designing is a technical skill which requires practice, study, expertise, and vision.
One would argue, with millions of free e-books on this subject online, anyone today can design a website. That’s entirely doable, but as soon as you look at a professionally designed website versus a self-made one, you’d realize the difference! Either way, if you are planning to get your website designed, here are seven web designing tips or common mistakes to avoid while designing a website.

1) Bad Appearance

As simple as it sounds, if your website is unable to leave a visual impact on the viewer then you have lost the game already. Ensure that your website is real in appearance concerning spacing,
minimalistic designs, the flow of icons, texts and images. Select a pleasing and attractive color scheme, wisely use the spaces and offer readability.

2) Cluttered Website

Drawing on from the previous point, no one likes a website which is cluttered. Make sure that your website is organized by proper sections, pages, and interlinks. Do not push too much information on the homepage. Keep your audience hungry for more and whatever you portray keep it “classy.” Do not ignore white spaces and do learn about minimalism.

3) No flow

Nothing irks the user more than a website with broken links or no flow. Make sure your website is completely tied with links, hyperlinks, and flow. The navigation between the pages should be a smooth transition.

web designing tips

4) Missing CTA

For any business, a critical aspect of the website is to put through their CTA or Call to Action. Ensure that your website has a clear and distinct CTA, so every web page visitor knows where to go next and what to do. Not only this pulls in more audience, populates your page, but it also stops your visitors from being confused.

Never forget the Search box or search bar on your web page. It should be somewhere easily accessible and viewable. Without a search bar, your audience might have to scroll through hundreds of pages to find something relevant, and we all know how annoying scrolling becomes on phone screens. So, do not ignore the search!

6) Mixed Content

Keep your vision clear about the necessary elements of the webpage. Many times, the web pages become flop because they start pushing all kinds of content. Always categorize and justify the content you are promoting.

7) Irregular Updates

Last, but not the least, keep your website updated. That does not just mean the updates of the front-end but also at the back-end. Also, make sure to use a robust cyber security mechanism.

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