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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is not a much new concept. Search engines have shaped the way we live and use the internet, and have become a crucial part of our daily lifestyle. But still, we see many businesses struggling for getting decent visibility on search results.

As we all know in this age of digitization, your search engine presence matters! And moreover, it is extremely important not just from the sales perspective but too, to increase the user base of your website. Imagine a business which is nowhere on the internet.

There’s this famous quote by Bill Gates,

“If your business is not on the internet, you’re business would soon be out of business”

And with the boom of technology and adaptation of modern consumers to the tech-savvy world, it is becoming hard day-by-day for businesses to sustain the world of online marketing.

In this age, to help you achieve more online, we present to you Analyst, a free SEO Auditing tool which lets you examine your website’s SEO strength and helps you analyze your strength to that of your competitors so that you never lose your competitive edge even in the online market.

Analyst is action-packed with latest SEO updates and metric analysis to help you rise through the difficulties and hardship you generally face during your Search engine ranking process. It takes into account analyzing your website’s usability, mobile friendliness, technologies, social signals, visitor count and link metrics to evaluate the end score and grade your website.

analyst free seo auditing tool

Further, you can even download the generated SEO report from your browser onto your mobile or desktop PC by just hitting the Download Report button for easy access or even share your score on various social media platforms. You name it and we have it for you. A tool designed just to fit your needs and help you achieve better results for your business, excited? Try it today!

Whether you are individual, small business or large scale brand, having an online presence is a must and Analyst is here to serve you the best!

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