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What Does Plus Signs Mean in Google Ads


Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords is a comprehensive tool to run campaigns on Google’s Ad network. And when we are planning campaigns for a client, almost everyone asks us, “What does the plus sign mean in Google Ads campaign” and we’re reminded of one fact. This fact is that keyword match types are fairly not understood by all. So, to help you understand this, here’s a dedicated post.

The plus signs in Adwords (+) are known as the ‘Broad Match Modifier’ or simply as or ‘Modifier Broad’. People tend to avoid using this match type because they don’t have a clear understanding of its purpose.

It can likewise be tiresome to try and add the plus signs to every one of those keywords you need to target. Yet, this match type can be a major assistance to your research. How? Let’s deep dive.


Broad Match Modifier (or BMM) is a match type accessible in Google Ads which permits advertisers to put plus signs before words inside a phrase.

For example, when you add +buy +nike +shoes. You are telling Google not to show your ads unless search queries contain all three words (nike, buy, and shoes). Moreover, it doesn’t matter what order those keywords are entered in the search box.

The idea is that whatever keyword you put the plus sign before is claimed as a “modifier”. You can add a plus sign to just a couple of words in the query or all keywords. This way, whichever word(s) you placing a plus sign before, Google will perceive them as a “modifier”.

Further, someone searching for just “buy nike” would not see your advert, because “shoes” is not present in the search query. However, if someone searches for “buy Nike shoes near me”, your ads would show up, because all the words with a plus sign were in the search query.

Also, the search query does not have to list the keywords in the same order to get an accurate phrase match.


Not many people know this, but you can add a plus sign in front of certain keywords instead of all words in the search phrase. This is a great growth hack for those terms you want to always make sure are present in the query.

plus sign meaning in adwords

How to use it?

All you need to do is simply put the ‘+’ sign just before the words that are significant. And you’re done! If your keyword has 3+ words in it and every one of them has a ‘+’ sign before it then it is on a par with phrase match.

As the likelihood that somebody will search for five words in a solitary search inquiry is very low which restricts discoverable traffic.


You made it! You reached the end of this post which means you’ve learned the concept of what is plus sign in Google Ads manager. So, go ahead and tune your next campaign for success!

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