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What is Content Marketing & Why it Impacts Your Brand’s Growth?


What is Content Marketing? It’s an art of telling your brand story in an entertaining, educational and engaging manner without having hard to sell. In simpler words, it means that you have to dive into the content and make words put together in such a way that it becomes easy & attractive for the reader, to an extent where that particular reader will tend to purchase your services or product by looking at the content only.

By using content marketing carefully you can convert your prospecting customers into your paying customers!

All you need to understand will be the demand and put in the effort in front of your customers in such an organic and approachable way that people get attracted to it. You must be thinking how? You can develop customers in content marketing only by offering value and being generous with your content offering, by this you become a trusted authority in your area of expertise and people will tend to start trusting your viewpoints and would like to grow with you.

Whenever your customer is ready to buy they will turn to your goods or services because of the trust you have gained over the period of time. And that bond eventually helps you to be successful and get more experience in your field.

But, What is Content which I’m supposed to market? Content can be anything a blog, a video, a meme, news stories, infographics, postcards, E-books, webinars etc.

So, in short, content marketing is the use of targeted pictures, videos, graphics and other media which is used to increase the visibility of your product/service. It will help you to retain and acquire a customer in the long run, but there are a few things you must account in order to get the best ROI on your investment,

1. Usefulness

A marketer should always make sure if the content he/she is developing is useful to the readers or not, if it is a wage information which carries zero interest to the customer, it can result into negative publicity.

“Good content is not storytelling, it’s telling your story well”

2. Niche Relevance

One must always define the type of content he/she is posting, it must be clear in the mind of the readers that this particular blog post or video belongs to a specific type that is relatable to them.

3. Execution Matters!

You might have the clear picture on what kind of content you want to deliver, but there’s a major difference in thinking & creating. One needs to take into account how a thought process is executed & brought to life in accordance with marketing. Also, you are creating a content but you have to make sure it is creative and attractive, is it eye catchy or not, people carry that particular thought or not, is this blog post worth a read or not, these things should be kept in the mind to save time & resources.

4. Publicize for Growth

Only Publishing is never enough, you need to share your content to the fullest in order to increase the reach of its growth. A simple strategy might look like creating backlinks, sharing it on social media, running promotions etc. You might create an outstanding content, but what’s the use of it if it’s not visible to your target audience? Think & solve your way through.

Lastly, I would like to give you my piece of advice,

Content Marketing is a Commitment, not a Campaign!


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